Carrot Recipes: 15+ Healthy Dishes Cooked Carrots With Love

Posted By : Myilraj , 31/03/2020

Find This Different Variety of Carrot Recipes That Can Be Quickly Prepared From Your Home

Carrot is a Gorgeous Red Colored fruit with a bag of nutrients for a healthy meal. Here are the different varieties of carrot recipes to start cooking.

Carrot is a colorful and sweet veggie. It carries more fibers, carbohydrates with an excellent source of Vitamin-A.

The sweetness of the recipe apt for your perfect cooking. For the improvisation of vision, kids can eat it raw.

Most of the root vegetables are not recommending one for diabetic patients. But it can take more than other veggies.

Alpha and beta carotene, Vitamin K is the less known nutrients. So, add this veggie more to your home kitchen.

Consuming too many carrots is not a healthy option. Carotenemia is a skin disease offering a yellowish tone to the consumer.

Detoxification is the essential process to get the active performance of the internal organs. So, try this veggie.

With enough fiber, it is very helpful for the bowel and digestion process. Try this veggie for more benefits.

It is one of the few vegetables carries the balanced nutrients from sugar to the fiber. Protein also comes with this veggie.

Though, it is the superb plant that can grow up to 150 centimeters along with its flower. It is the taproot that comes more with crunchy base sweet.

As a fact for the carrot-lovers, Not only in orange, Purple, and White are the common colors of carrot.

While the chefs ready to present the colorful sweet dish, they can try these fresh carrots for your special dish.

As per the sweet recipe, halwa and veggie rice and juices are preparing this colorful carrot. Give your try for this veggie.

There are multiple dishes are offering from veggie including milkshakes to special carrot rice. Give your try.

People Also Ask

What is the Best Recipe Using Carrots? Carrot is the sweet veggie, it aptly offering multiple sweet recipes, desserts, and soups from this veggie. Preparing all these different dishes is a more healthy one for the kids, adults and elderly people. Roasted carrots are the sweet and ever-loving recipe for the International food lovers. This carrot dish can be served along with orange. When you are in a great idea to prepare the best recipes spices, sweets and sour taste all perfect one for this dish.
What is a Good Boiled Carrot Recipe? Boiling a carrot is a simple way to prepare the sweet and dessert items to form this carrot veggie. While boiling the carrot, it gives the perfect sweetness and the tenderness will not remove from this veggie. Whenever we ready to prepare the carrot dish cutting small pieces are the best one and it will easily be cooked one. Except for the Salads, most of the dishes are preparing only with the cooking procedure of the boiling method.
What Are Some Delicious Meals I Can Make With Carrots? However, we are searching for delicious recipes, both sweet and spicy dishes are coming under list. Carrot halwa with the addition of fruits and nuts are the wonderful recipe. Try this recipe at your home. However, Vegetable rice, carrot chutney, and spicy tone of carrot gravy are loved by everyone. Give your try for this wonderful recipe. All will love this delight and elegant recipe serve this dish to all.
What Are the Best-Sliced Carrot Recipes? The slices of Carrot offering the wonderful fresh salads, and crunchy side dish for multiple side dishes. Chole masalas are offering its tenderness while consuming these raw sweet carrots and its slices. Veggie slices of carrot are offering the perfect outfit to the carrot juice and other fruit juices. So, for the sportspersons and fitness lovers, it will be the finest superb veggie. Try all these dishes.
What is Your Favorite Carrot Cake Recipe? Cakes are pretty desserts that are loved by everyone. Now the kid's parties can easily be arranged with this carrot cake. The puffy and elegant dish is simply adding with the shredding carrot slices. Give your try for this recipe. Sometimes adding the taste to this recipe. chocolate sauce is adding into this flour with enough sugar. It is a simple dish. Every mom can easily prepare this at home within 30 minutes. Give your time for this recipe.

15+ Types of Carrot Recipes

1. Carrot Ginger Soup

carrot ginger soup

Carrot and ginger are the wonderful combinations to taste the sweetness as well as spiciness in the same dish.

When it serving as a soup it will be the finest and healthy soup for vegetarian lovers. So, try this soup.

Kids are easily affecting the cold and cough. So, serve this dish twice a week to improve the immunity.

The sweetness as well as the spiciness offering the wonderful taste to this recipe. So, never miss this superb recipe.

2. Carrot Dates Milkshake

carrot dates milkshake

Carrot is the ever-loving recipe when it blends with the other fruits of veggies it offers the wonderful taste.

In the summer season, the kids are often enjoying the cooling and delicious Carrot dates milkshake. So, try this shake at your home.

To get the spicy flavor, the addition of the black pepper offering the exact hot tone this sweet carrot soup.

For the consideration of the good health with the vital nutrients, all people can consume this healthy sweet soup.

3. Carrot Cake

carrot cake

Cake making is a wonderful healthy process with the addition of a variety of fruits and essences.

Perfect addition carrot and the basic flavor of the vanilla are offering the finest flavor to this cake.

Not only the flour but also the addition of the egg and the baking powder offering the smooth texture to this cake.

For the veggie lover's carrot cake is the wonderful cake recipe. Try this recipe for your home kiddie parties.

4. Gajar Ka Halwa with Khoya

gajar ka halwa

Carrot is the mild vegetable so giving the flavorful recipe is need some additional flavor.

Getting the sweet aroma is possible with the usage of fresh guava. For modern moms, the essence is offering a wonderful taste.

The lovable aroma is a very essential one to love your homemade cake recipe. So try this gajar ka halwa simple cake recipe.

With the simple ingredients, we can prepare the wonderful cake recipe. Try your favorite cake all will fall for this cake.

5. Carrot Egg Poriyal

carrot egg poriyal

Carrot egg poriyal is a favorite dry poriyal category. More addition of carrot is added taste to this dish.

As usual to the South-Indian recipe, this is the simple preparation that follows the ingredients of onion, coriander leaves.

For the veggie lovers, shredded coconut is using for this carrot recipe. Now we using this egg for the extra taste.

Besides the green chilies are giving wonderful taste to this recipe. Give your try for this carrot recipe.

6. Carrot Halwa

carrot halwa

Carrot is the sweet stuffing veggie most apt for the sweet preparation. So, preparing halwa is the finest one.

The shredding carrot and the addition of the milk offering the easy sweet recipe of this carrot halwa.

Addition of sugar and saffron herb using for this simple Indian recipe to get the eye-catching color.

Milk and ghee are the super supplements are offering the perfect blend of taste and nutrients to this dessert.

7. Carrot Dosa

carrot dosa

Dosa is the traditional dish, not only India but also all over the world offering the finest taste to this recipe.

Most of the people using ghee or oil for this crispy dosa preparation. For a new try add some butter into this recipe.

Common rice and black gram are the common ingredients using for the rice flour so, add the right amount of water.

Adding the carrot and butter are giving the traditional taste to this recipe. Serve this dish with tasty chutneys.

8. Carrot Pulao

carrot pulao

Pulao is the ever-loving recipe. Mostly getting the spicy tone is the signature of this recipe.

For the kids and mild pulao lovers, this carrot pulao is the super choice and easy to prepare the recipe.

Addition carrot and coconut are the sweet ingredients easily controlling the over spicy tone for this recipe.

After the perfect base of herbs and spices add the rice. Within 20 minutes the tasty pulao is ready.

9. Tomato Carrot Soup

tomato carrot soup

Spicy and sour tasty soup recipes are the excellent dishes for your hot and spicy evening snack.

Though this preparation of the recipe may unknown the easily available ingredients are offering the best side dish.

Black pepper and garlic are the medical herbs offering the spicy tone to this tasty carrot tomato soup.

While you serve this soup at your kiddie party and birthday function all will be the fan for this recipe.

10. Carrot Thogayal

carrot thogayal

Apart from the routine carrot dishes, this chutney is the spicy breakfast serves along with dosas and idlis.

Along with the coriander, other veggies are giving the unique tone to this spicy carrot chutney.

Edible and juicy carrot fills with a huge amount of fiber. So, kids can be offered with this chutney.

For the improvisation of growth and vision, this is the powerful veggie. So, add this carrot for your meal.

11. Carrot Egg Masala

carrot egg masala

Carrot egg masala is a wonderful spicy recipe that can instantly prepare one for our dinner.

The addition of beans offering the crunchy taste as well as enough vitamins are cherishing in this simple recipe.

Onion, chat masala and egg are offering the unique taste to this sweet carrot egg masala carrot recipes.

Moreover, it is the colorful recipe we can easily prepare this recipe. So, try this new recipe for your home dinner.

12. Carrot Burfi

carrot burfi

Burfi is the delicious and famous Indian sweet recipe preparing with the usage of coconut and carrot.

To add the aromatic flavor for this sweet dish cardamom is using as the main ingredient in powder.

The addition of sugar, milk powder is the major ingredient for this sweet recipe. Give your try for this burfi.

It is the simple recipe without any more complex steps all women can easily prepare this at their home.

13. Carrot Poori Recipe

carrot poori

Poori is the ever-loving recipe for its crispy, smooth and plain color. Most of us tasting the plain poori.

For a change, we can try this sweet carrot for their poori preparation. Give your try for this special poori.

It is a sweet dish, so we can easily prepare this recipe for our evening snack item for kids.

Otherwise, adding a spicy tone gives the easy morning breakfast. It is the sweet fluffy recipe all will love this recipe.

14. Gajar Ki Barfi

gajar ki barfi

Desserts are the important dish and compulsive dishes for the grant traditional Indian feasts.

Royal kheer preparation never ends with the addition of rice, almonds and dry fruits are the basic ingredients.

Grating carrot is the perfect blend and offering a wonderful base for this traditional Indian sweet.

As a north-Indian recipe, the festivals and special occasions are serving with this gajar ki barfi simple recipe.

15. Carrot Capsicum Poriyal

Poriyal is the common dish offering with the multiple usages of veggies and spicy capsicum flavor.

However, the variety of dishes are the main specials to enjoy the colorful meal of the Indian feast.

Moreover, the capsicum is the perfect combination for the sweet carrot. It offers the spiky tone to this recipe.

Curry leaves, onion are the crunchy and colorful ingredients giving the perfect combo for this carrot dish.

16. Carrot Poriyal

Granting the carrot slices are the perfect combination for this sweet poriyal. Offering the mild flavor is the plus of the dish.

Most of the kids never love this spicy tone. For them, it is the best and ever-loving carrot dish.

Within 10 minutes of cooking the preparation of the dish offers enough fibers and vitamins.

As usual, curry leaves and onion are the best ingredients offering the finest tone to this simple carrot recipes.

17. Carrot Payasam

Payasam is the sweet recipe whenever, preparing the typical south-Indian feast never ends with the sweet payasam.

Preparing the colorful payasam is a wonderful recipe. So, the carrot offers enough sweet to this carrot recipes.

Adding milk, and ilachi are the ingredients offering the sweet and aroma to this colorful carrot payasam.

Serve this special payasam at the delicious feast and tasty Sunday meal never miss this payasam.

18. Carrot Beans Poriyal

carrot beans poriyal

Beans are the veggies offering numerous health benefits with the multiple vitamins and fiber ingredients.

Without the carrot combination, these beans are never offering the sweet taste. So, try this dish.

Cumin seeds, coconut and coriander leaves are the healthy herbs offering the taste to this whole dish.

The addition of green chilies not only offer the eye-catching color but also spice tone to the whole dish.

19. Carrot Chutney

carrot chutney

Offering the different flavors of carrot chutney is too easy and a possible one. For different taste
try this dish.

Extra addition garlic, black gram, and Bengal gram are giving the finest taste to this carrot chutney.

As a new taste of chutney, try this special carrot chutney at your home all will love this recipe.

The perfect balance of sweet, spice and aroma all are blended with this special recipe. So offer this recipe to your family.

20. Gajar Ka Murabba

gajar ka murabba

Homemade preparation of the carrot jam is an easy preparation. Then how to prepare this delicious recipe?

Carrot is the sweet dish not only the sweet taste but also adding the lemon offer the tangy taste to this recipe.

Adding the cardamom powder and sugar are offering the perfect blend to this simple veggie jam.

To ensure the sweetness little pinch of salt is adding into this sweet recipe. Try this gajar ka murabba sweet jam.

21. Dates Carrot Halwa

dates carrot halwa

Carrot halwa is the favorite traditional sweet dish it can easily preparing a dish at our home kitchen.

A simple blend of carrot only offering a simple taste. However, offering the richness dates also adding to this recipe.

For your grant home parties prepare this grant dish with the addition of dry nuts and more fruits.

Otherwise common aroma flavors like cardamom and if you wish you can add saffron to this sweet carrot recipes.