16 Best Tasty And Healthy Capsicum Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 07/04/2020

Capsicum recipes - Delicious Indian and continental recipes using capsicum

Capsicum is the pepper variety vegetable. America highly cultivates capsicum hence this is a native American vegetable.

Therefore, capsicum gives a spicy flavor to the foods. It is the main vegetable that is used in all country cuisines.

Capsicum is available in three colors such as green, yellow, red and orange. The green-colored is used in high range.

Generally, capsicums are called Bell peppers that consume wide cuisine. They are mainly used in making pickles.

In fact, capsicum can be used in powder form and also chili form. These are special ingredients for sauce and stew.

Capsicum is the mainly consumed vegetable in many cuisine styles such as Indian, Chinese, Mexican, europian and so on.

Other than colors, capsicums are also differing from shape and size. Therefore, the spice texture also differs from each other.

Capsicum recipes contain vitamins, proteins, and also minerals. The bell pepper consumes high water content on it.

Actually, capsicum recipes can be eaten as raw or cooked form. They are the stuff made with cheese, meat or rice.

Capsicum recipes are sauces, salads, stir-fries, and mixed dishes. Also, capsicum fry and toast recipes are available.

There are some capsicum jam recipes that are unique. Capsicum powders are used as chili flakes and soup ingredients.

Noodles and fried rice are the simple capsicum recipes in India. Here you can find more recipes using capsicum.

People Also Ask

What is some easy capsicum recipe?Capsicum is the veggie that contains a lot of food recipes on it. It's easy to make capsicum recipes simply at home. Actually, we can cook the capsicum in fry, boil, stuff and mix form. It has large health benefits and flavors. stuff capsicum is the easy recipe made from capsicum. First, deseed the capsicum in any color red, yellow or green. Use fresh vegetables such as potato, carrot, and peas to make masala stuff. Fry them all and serve as a side course.
Can you give some good recipes made from capsicum?There are plenty of capsicum recipes in Indian cuisine. All the recipes can be made easily at home with simple steps. Paneer capsicum and aloo capsicum are some of the best recipes. You can make fresh paneer at home to make this recipe. Actually, paneer capsicum is the gravy recipe with spicy flavors. Similarly, aloo capsicum uses potatoes for the recipe. You can make gravy Aloo capsicum as well as dry aloo capsicum. Try both capsicum recipes which is very simple to cook.
How do I make a stuffed capsicum recipe?stuffed capsicum is the easy recipe made from capsicum. First, deseed the capsicum in any color red, yellow or green. Use fresh vegetables such as potato, carrot, and peas to make masala stuff. In fact, use spicy powders for making the stuff. Boil all the vegetables in the masala for making the stuff in good form. Finally, deep fry the capsicum well with oil. Keep the stuff inside the fried capsicum and finally, serve the stuffed capsicum. This is normally a side course with a meal.
What are some unique recipes to do with capsicum?Capsicum is the best vegetable to make various recipes on it. There are some unique capsicum recipes you can make at home. Bake mushrooms with capsicum, broccoli, and capsicum salad, capsicum cheese sandwich are some of the unique capsicum recipes. Similarly, Red capsicum chutney, pepper capsicum fry, capsicum Pasta, paneer capsicum are other best capsicum recipes. You can even make capsicum briyani and capsicum soup recipes with all color capsicums. Try all the capsicum recipes at home.
What is the recipe to make capsicum soup?Capsicum soup is the best recipe to make at home. Moreover, this is a very easy recipe to make with all color capsicums. Actually, capsicum gives a very good source of healthy compounds. Making soups in capsicums will give a special flavor. You can additionally use tomato and cheese for making this recipe. Finely grind all the capsicum and other veggies. Add pepper powder and other flavors to the capsicum soup. Try this soup and serve this in the evening times before meals.

16 Delicious Collection Of Capsicum Recipes

1. Capsicum Sandwich

Capsicum Sandwich

A Capsicum sandwich is a healthy and easy recipe. You can make this sandwich recipe with simple ingredients at home.

First, use fresh bread for making this yummy recipe. Then use your favorite color capsicum in any number for this.

The perfect fry of the capsicum in the sandwich will give a special taste. In fact, the golden-brown color of bread gives crispiness.

To sum up, the capsicum sandwich is the perfect snack recipe to make. Give a try to this recipe and amaze your surroundings.

2. Kacche Kele ki Asharfi

Kacche Kele Ki Asharfi

Kacche Kele ki asharfi is a delicious capsicum stuff recipe. Actually this is a classy and different treat for all.

The vegetables like raw banana and potato make this stuff fantastic. Both are the good source o healthy contents.

The round shape of the capsicum gives an extraordinary outlook to the recipe. Finally, the fine fry of this stuff is awesome.

To sum up, Kacche Kele ki asharfi is a perfect snack recipe. You can try this at evening times and also for the snack box.

3. Paneer Capsicum Masala

Panner Capsicum Masala

Paneer capsicum masala is the delicious and flavorsome masala recipe. This is actually a curry type capsicum recipe.

In fact, paneer is the main ingredient for this awesome recipe. Fresh paneer will give the best flavor to the recipe.

Similarly, you can use any color capsicum for making this recipe. Masla contents give spicy as well as yummy flavor.

Paneer capsicum masala is a perfect side course for meals, chapathi or roti. Try and give a tasty treat to your people.

4. Capsicum Chicken

Capsicum Chicken

Capsicum chicken is the delicious and favorite recipe for Indian cuisine. This recipe is surely a treat for non-veg lovers.

The spices will give extraordinary flavor to the recipe. Especially, the masala will give awesome flavor to the chicken.

Use fresh chicken for making this recipe. This will give the best taste while mixing up with the capsicums in the recipe.

Instead of trying regular chicken curry recipes, try this recipe. This will be the best combo with meals and tiffin items.

5. Paneer Capsicum Dry

Paneer Capsicum Dry

Paneer capsicum dry is the kind of dry gravy recipe. Actually paneer is roasted well for making this dry gravy recipe.

Spring onions will give an extra special taste to the paneer. The well-pasted capsicum will give fantastic gravy to the recipe.

The mixture of dry paneer and capsicum paste makes this awesome recipe. This is actually a unique flavor recipe.

Paneer capsicum dry recipe is the best treat for vegetarian lovers. Try this awesome recipe and give a great treat.

6. Jalapeno Curry

Jalapeno Curry

Jalapeno curry is the delicious and special capsicum curry recipe. All will fall in love after eating this recipe.

Actually, this recipe uses coconut paste as the main ingredient. This will make this curry recipe in a special flavor.

Masala contents make this recipe very spicy and rich in flavors. This is actually similar to usual curry recipes.

This jalapeno curry recipe is very easy to make at home. Therefore, try this special curry recipe with hot meals.

7. Capsicum Dry Recipe

Capsicum Dry Recipes

Capsicum dry recipe is the unique and yummy capsicum recipe. In fact, this recipe is quite easy to make at home.

This recipe uses potatoes and coconut as the main ingredients. Moreover coconut is used in a paste form in this recipe.

Potato gives a special flavor while mixing with the capsicum. This is a full fry recipe for all the vegetables.

The wholesome flavor of this recipe is got by eating this with the perfect main course such as a meal of a variety of rice.

8. Capsicum Pakoda

Capsicum pakoda is the crispy and yummy recipe made from capsicum. This is a very easy capsicum recipe to make.

Actually, this is a regular pakoda recipe with similar steps. Use the onions and capsicum in the fresh form to this.

The masala contents make this recipe as flavorful one. So, try this awesome recipe with perfect masala content.

Capsicum pakoda is a famous and favorite street food in India. Try this capsicum pakoda recipe with chutney or sauce.

9. Carrot Capsicum Poriyal

Carrot capsicum poriyal is the regular and special capsicum recipe. Actually, this is a very healthy and tasty recipe.

In fact, the fresh carrot gives a good source of healthy ingredients. Since this carrot capsicum recipe is good for all age groups.

The spices will give extraordinary flavor to the poriyal recipe. This is a general and easy poriyal recipe to make.

Carrot capsicum poriyal is the best recipe for the lunch box. Serve this with rasam, sambar or use this as vegetable stuff.

10. Capsicum Poriyal

Capsicum poriyal is the normal and delicious poriyal recipe. In fact, you can use any color capsicum for making this recipe.

You can actually use onions and also spices to make this recipe in good flavor. This is a good option for spicy lovers.

The flavor in capsicum poriyal will make everyone fall in love with this recipe. Since this is a unique capsicum recipe.

Capsicum poriyal is the best combo with rasam and sambar. Otherwise, you can simply eat this poriyal with plain rice.

11. Capsicum Bajji

Capsicum Bajji

Capsicum bajji is the famous and favorite recipe in all over India. This is a popular street food of Indian cuisine.

Actually this is a very easy capsicum recipe to prepare at home. Since tHis recipe requires only simple ingredients.

In fact, the regular bajji making masal is needed for making this recipe. Use fresh capsicum for this awesome recipe.

Capsicum bajji recipe is a favorite for all age groups. Try this recipe at evening times with a hot cup of tea and chutney.

12. Egg and Capsicum Bhurji

Egg And Capsicum Bhurji

Egg and capsicum bhurji is the yummy and delicious capsicum recipe. In fact, This is a very healthy capsicum recipe.

Generally, this recipe uses regular ingredients such as tomato and onions. Of course, these two made this recipe awesome.

This recipe is just similar to poriyal making recipes. Moreover, an egg is a healthy source of food used in this recipe.

This recipe is undoubtedly a classy version of capsicum food. Try this recipe with a variety of foods and tiffin items.

13. Capsicum Rice

Capsicum Rice

Capsicum rice is a very simple and delicious capsicum recipe. This recipe actually makes every cooking time as a simple one.

Generally, you can use basmati or any rice of your wish to make this recipe. Boil well the rice for making the recipe.

Finely cook the capsicum with all the veggies of your wish. Of course, the masalas content will give the best texture to this recipe.

Capsicum rice is ready to make recipes in urgent times. Give a try to this delicious recipe with potato fries or pickles.

14. Capsicum Chutney

Capsicum Chutney

Capsicum chutney is a famous and special capsicum recipe. This capsicum chutney is the unique recipe of Indian cuisine.

Actually, you can use any color capsicums for making this recipe. The spiciness and flavor differ depending on the color.

Make this recipe using regular chutney making methods. Because no other extra methods are needed for making this recipe.

Capsicum chutney is the best option instead of regular chutney recipes. Try this recipe with idli, dosa, and Pongal.

15. Mushroom Capsicum Recipe

Mushroom Capsicum Recipe

Mushroom capsicum recipe is the yummy and delicious gravy recipe. Actually, the mushroom is cooked well for this.

Onions will give an extra special taste to the recipe. The well-cooked capsicum will give fantastic gravy to the recipe.

The mixture of capsicum and mushroom makes this awesome recipe. This is actually a unique recipe with a spicy flavor.

Mushroom capsicum recipe is the best treat for vegetarian lovers. Therefore, try this awesome recipe and give a great treat.

16. Aloo Capsicum Fry

Aloo Capsicum Fry

Aloo capsicum fry is the crispy and yummy fry recipe. Actually, this is a very flavorful recipe with potato fries.

Capsicum will give the spicy flavor to the recipe. This is undoubtedly a fabulous and easy to make a recipe at home.

Moreover, the potato fry is the favorite food of everyone. Especially kids will love this recipe once they eat this.

To sum up, aloo capsicum fry is the best flavorful recipe. Moreover, this is good with hot meals and tiffin items, stuff.