25 Homemade Cake Recipes, Make Your Weekend Tasty

Posted By : Myilraj , 01/04/2020

Find a List of Easy to Prepare Cake Recipes From Home for Weekends.

Whether it's a birthday or anniversary, surprise your visitors from these homemade cake recipes. Truly yummy, delicious and healthy.

Cake the sweet dessert fulfilling the joyful and memorable parties of our home. Cakes are playing their vital role even in history.

In ancient days, the cakes are different from these modern cakes. Bread like doughs is using for this cake preparation.

Now a day cream cakes, fruit cakes, and butter cakes are offering the enlighting taste to out taste buds.

The history of cakes initiates with the filling of the honey, nut and dry fruits like almonds, nuts, and bread.

Refined sugar, the addition of yeast, baking soda and baking powder are the primary ingredients offering into this cake recipe.

However, preparing the sweet cakes with the sweet dough culture starts from Germany. Wedding cake and birthday are too famous.

Moreover, Cake is not only the sweet dessert but it is the main as well as a sweet courtesy following all over the world.

The preparation of cake follows the round shape which symbolizes the nature of life. Royal wedding ceremonies never end with these cakes.

Ever-loving taste on this cake recipe giving the multiple additions and innovativeness on this sweet recipe.

Velvet cakes, ice cakes all are selecting with the outfit of the cake. The decoration is a vital one for cake.

Homemade cakes the special one.The sweet and enriching taste of the cake getting only through home preparation.

Simple cupcakes to multiple collections of fruits and nut cakes are now a day preparing at our home kitchen.

Here is the numerous cake recipes are here. Try all those cake recipes and it is the new and innovative dish of you.

People Also Ask

What Are Some of the Best Cake Recipes?Cake recipes are ever-loving one but the addition of the ingredient need to be flavorful and tasty. While our homemade cake preparation, nuts, fruits, and dry fruits are the primary ingredients. Are you ready to offer the ever-loving dish? try to bake the chocolate cake it is a too easy one. Plain chocolate powders can be added into the dough or else pouring them on the dough offering the super taste.
What Are Some Easy Birthday Cake Recipes?Homemade birthday or wedding cake recipes are the best ideas to offer a great for your family and friends. Preparing a dough with the addition of egg, baking powder is the component for this simple cake. Now a day many multiple eggless cakes also offering for the delicious preparation of these cakes. For the vegetarians, multiple eggless recipes are here. Try them all and give your taste of the dish to the cake.
How Does One Make a Cake?First of all, cake preparation based on dough baking. At first, flour adds with the egg. Sweet is the nourishing part of this cake preparation. So, add sugar as per the flavor you want. The right consistency of the dough is a very vital one for this cake preparation. 180 degrees is a suitable one. Add the creamy layer on this cake. Add some nuts and dry fruits into the cake dough. Try this simple dough.
What is the Easiest and Quickest Cake Recipe?Simple cake recipes are the ever-loving recipes for the housewives. They can easily bake them at their home kitchen. Spongy cake with the addition of egg and baking powder is the perfect combination the sweet dough is enough one. The soft and spongy base of the cake is a very important one. Bake them with apt and suitable heat on the oven. Without any oven, the simple cooker is enough for your homemade cake preparation. Give your try for this cake.
What Are Some Healthy Cake Recipes?Pineapple and vanilla cakes are the healthy cake recipes recommending for your Christmas celebration. Raspberry, blueberry is the wonderful fruit toppings as well as the ingredient using for the cake preparation. Restaurant-style of cake baking too easy at our home with the usage of fruit sauces and essences. Butter, flour, egg, and sugar are the ever-loving ingredients to offer the spongy and soft texture.

25 Collections Of Delicious Cake Recipes

1. Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

Cakes are not only for parties, but they can also offer as the ever-loving snack for your kids and family members.

Not only a delicious grant recipe but also a simple recipe need some easy available fruits and nuts.

Banana cake is a wonderful recipe, it can easily prepare with the use of banana and cake dough.

Pancakes are easy to prepare with the pieces of banana. Then perfectly mixing to the flour for the base.

2. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

Black forest is the primary selling cake recipe. It is not mean the color of the cake as we thought.

But, it is the famous cake preparing region in the country of Germany. Try this famous cake recipe at your home.

Cocoa powder, vinegar, and cherry are the blend of this creamy ice cream flavor. Use this ingredient.

Chocolate powder, sugar powder and the white flour offering the best form of the black forest for your taste.

3. Semolina Cake

semolina cake

Maida and the Rava are the perfect blends of these simple ingredients for the usage of the cake recipe.

Baking soda, butter, vanilla essence, and baking powder are the essential ingredients using for the cake preparation.

To offer the soft texture and fluffy base curd also using for the Indian style of homemade cake.

Pinch of salt, almonds, raisins and tutti fruit are using as the perfect topping for this Semolina cake preparation.

4. Chocolate Orange Cupcake

Chocolate Orange Cupcake

Orange flavor cake is the famous one among the school kids. So, prepare this simple cake for your kids.

With less tasty additives, we can easily prepare this orange cake with the vanilla essence and sugar.

Cocoa powder is the base for this chocolate recipe.add some egg for this easy cake preparation.

Baking powder is a special addition for this cake that offering a soft and tasty base. Try this recipe.

5. Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake is the ever-loving recipe. Without any high ingredients, a simple biscuit is enough.

While choosing the biscuit, dark chocolate is the perfect one to offer enough color and taste.

Without the butter, usage Nutella is using for this wonderful preparation. Try this for your cake preparation.

Cooking cream, cheese, butter, and dark chocolates are the easily available ingredients for this cake.

6. Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes

Pancakes are the wonderful and mouth-watering recipes for all. To decorate a home function it is the delicious recipe.

Preparing a pancake with multiple fruits is the common cake baking procedure. Try this potato pancake.

However, offering the delicious as well as healthy ingredient beans and carrot also using for this cake.

To offer the Indian flavor besan flour is using in this wonderful preparation. Try this recipe at your home.

7. Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

The crispy texture and edible sticks are the ever-loving combos for the ice creams. Now try this Sticky Toffee pudding recipe for cakes.

Dates and vanilla extract are the base of this delicious cake preparation. Try this recipe at your home.

Otherwise, eggs, sugar, and molasses are easily available at the departmental store. So, try this tasty cake.

Chopping dates are adding with the hot water. This juicy texture is directly mixed with this cake flour.

8. Soft Sponge Cake Recipe

Soft Sponge Cake Recipe

Preparing a cake with the multiple ingredients is offering a delicious tone to the cake preparation.

With simple ingredients, preparing a cake is not a possible one for the great chefs and cooks.

For our home moms, here we offering the simple and super recipe for the delightful cake preparation.

Try this Sponge cake recipe simple mixture adding with the egg and baking soda. Try this simple and fast cake preparation.

9. Oats Cake

Oats cake

Oats are the healthy and nutrient enrich recipe. Particularly, elderly people will enrich with this millet.

Preparation of oatcake is the most recommending cake recipe for elderly people and diabetes patients.

Although, the high level of protein and fiber content of this millet is the healthy recipe for all people.

Without the maida base prepare this oat recipe at your home. All will love this simple oats cake recipe.

10. Milk Cake

Milk Cake

Milk is the calcium enrich food ingredient and commonly recommended for the people from kids to all ages.

It is the simple dish, without the combination of flour usage, this cake preparing with the ghee.

To increase the aroma, cardamom is adding as the main ingredient in this milk cake preparation.

Just add ghee, sugar and cardamom powder to this cake preparation. Just add lemon juice to this snack item.

11. Dark Chocolate Brownie

Dark Chocolate Brownie

A chocolate brownie is the delicious cake recipe and the delightful snack item serving at a top restaurant.

When we cut the simple cake, the flow of the melting of hot chocolate will easily flow to the plate.

Moreover, The perfect preparation of chocolate brownie is the ever-loving combo. So, preparing this cake is now an easy one.

Chocolate sauce, cocoa powder and refined oil all are using for the preparation of the chocolate brownie.

12. Sponge Cake

Sponge cake

Housewives are the perfect cook to offer a healthy and tasty dish for our kids and family.

Cakes are the occasional preparation that comes with multiple usage ingredients to offer the delicious taste.

Milk, Baking soda, cooking oil are using for the perfect blend of this spongy cake preparation.

For the perfect base and right consistency knead the base with sugar and egg. Then set the optimal temperature.

13. Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

Vanilla is the perfect flavor not only for the ice cream recipe but also for the simple and soft cake preparation.

Besides, the addition of cashew nuts raisins and almonds are the perfect blend for this tasty cake baking.

Vanilla essence is the main ingredient offering the delightful taste for this cake preparation.

Add baking soda to get the fluffy and soft texture of this simple home preparation. Now you can easily make this Vanilla cake.

14. Pineapple Cake

pineapple cake

However, Pineapple cake is the vitamin enrich fruit and the perfect one for the preparation of the cake recipe.

Pineapple essence is using for this sweet cake preparation. For your natural taste, Add the pineapple juice for this dough.

Usually, egg, baking powder, and oil are the perfect blends using for the preparation of this cake recipe.

Try this simple cake preparation at your home. All will be a fan of your cake recipe. Try this recipe.

15. Orange Cake

Orange Cake

Whether it is a fruit cake or simple plain cake the kneading of the flour it needs to be perfect.

Orange is the soft and mild taste offering essence using for this simple and easy cake baking process.

Certainly, The addition of three eggs is the softening agent for this simple cake preparation. Try this recipe.

Limit use of egg, sugar and baking powder are determining the texture of this cake. Try this Orange cake recipe at your home.

16. Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Carrot is a sweet and vitamin enrich vegetable and the sweet preparation is the only veggie using as huge.

However, without the ice cream of cake flavor, the kids will not love this home preparation of cakes.

So, adding the simple and easily available vanilla essence offering the perfect base for this cake.

Oil is using for the kneading procedure of this Carrot cake preparation. Try this simple cake and delight your family.

17. Dry Fruit Cake

dry fruits cake

Dry fruit is an essential ingredient to offer a healthy pack recipe. So use them for cake baking.

Moreover, dry fruit cake is the nutrient and ever-loving dish that comes with the nutrient elements and benefits.

Vanilla with the added oils and common ingredients using for this dry fruit cake preparation.

Adding sugar, almonds. cashews and pistachio are the common dry fruits. Try this recipe and enjoy your party.

18. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Maida with the cocoa powder is the ever-loving combo for this delicious chocolate cake preparation.

Kneading the flour with the addition of egg is specially offering the spongy tone to this cake.

If you want more add buttercream or fresh cream for this cake preparation. All will love this cake.

Finally, Chocolate is the first choice for the cake preparation for your kids. So, try this recipe at your home kitchen.

19. Apple and Pineapple Pancake

Apple And Pineapple Pancake

Apple and pineapple combination are the best ones for the preparation of the home cake recipes.

Without the usage of the essence, directly the apple and pineapples are using for the preparation of this cake.

Milk, cardamom, sugar, egg and the cornflour are the delicious base of this cake preparation.

Half spoon of the baking powder is enough for this cake preparation. So, taste this simple cake.

20. Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Banana cake preparation is the super and easy vitamin and potassium enrich fruit for your cake recipe.

It is not a formal cake, but whenever, you seeking for the soft and sweet snack it is the best choice.

Ghee, cashew nuts, cardamom powder are the perfect blend for this kneading of the cake dough.

Moreover, Sugar, raisins, and cardamoms are using for the wonderful flavor and taste of this cake recipe.

21. Grated Potato

Grated Potato

Most of our cake preparation is only depending on the sweet base. So, spicy cakes also avail in our cooking.

And also, To get the traditional taste, beans, carrot, and potato are the recipes using for the cake preparation.

The addition of grated coriander leaves is offering the sweet aroma to this spicy cake preparation.

Chilies are the part of the ingredient offering the spiciness and the besan powder is the perfect base of this Grated Potato cake.

22. Banana Walnut Cake Recipe

Banana Walnut Cake Recipe

The banana walnut cake is the cake available one in the bakeries. Now we can try this cake at our home.

Moreover, To get the eye-catching color, the chocolate powder is using for this delicious and sweet cake recipe.

Likewise, Maida and dates and crush walnuts are the primary ingredients adding into this simple cake recipe.

The paste of this fruit and the oil is using for this banana cake recipe. Try this banana walnut recipe.

23. Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe

Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe

Chocolate is the ever-loving and eye-catching cake recipe. Most of the people prefer this chocolate cake.

The preparation of the chocolate cake is too easy. Just add the cocoa powder into this dough.

Then add the baking soda and the egg doe the puffy texture of this soft cake. Try these methods without any fail.

Beating the flour with the usage of the milk gives enough taste and flavor. And bake them with the oven.

24. Homemade Chocolate Cake

Home Made Chocolate Cake

For the elegant structure and the tasty blend icing sugar is adding into this sweet chocolate cake recipe.

Milk and maida are offering the pure white color to this cake base. So, cocoa powder is adding to this cake.

Baking soda and eggs are beating and add as a part of this cake dough and baking with the oven.

Moreover, the multiple additions of cashews, raisins and dark chocolates are adding to this Chocolate cake preparation.

25. Honey Cake

Honey Cake

Honey is the natural sweet element. However, the preparation of the cake with honey is the wonderful one.

For the creamy texture of this cake, butter is using for the base of the dough for this cake preparation.

Moreover, While the baking melting of the butter offering enough taste and softness to this cake recipe.

Whenever, you ready for the sweet cake recipe, try this honey cake. Then all will love this recipe.