12 Easy To Cook Cabbage Recipes For Roti And Rice

Posted By : Elavarsan , 27/03/2020

Low carb cabbage recipes are highly nutritious to eat. Learn how to cook a variety of Cabbage Recipes

Cabbage Recipes are a great source of nutrients during breakfast in India. This crunchy veggie is a great versatile dish.

Alongside different famous veggies along with broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage are referred to as cruciferous.

These veggies have received this identity because of the shape of their leaves which are said to resemble a cross.

There are loads of types of cabbage, from the colorful purple cabbage to the common white cabbage.

They grow all around the globe and are distinctly versatile – they can be steamed, stewed, fermented, pickled, sautéed or even eaten raw too!

There are many health advantages of this vegetable as its high in nutrition C and vitamin K, nutrition factors, etc.

Bearing this in mind, white cabbage makes a wholesome aspect dish to many dinners but, equally, it could be used as the basis for a chief too.

White cabbages have around, company form and leaves which might be tightly packed, shiny and pale in shade.

The taste is mild with just a little bit of sweetness which makes them amazing for coleslaw and salads.

After being finely chopped, white cabbage is often used in the sauerkraut recipe to prepare in your home for a family.

Although sauerkraut has a slightly sour taste, these fermented meals are particularly wholesome and are exceptional to your intestine too!

People Also Ask

What is the best way to cook boiled cabbage?Cabbage is a source of rich proteins, nutritions easily available green, red and purple leaves. By boiling at a certain temperature you can use this cabbage as a low carb wrap as just easily pliable. And also you cab blanch the cabbage to prepare corned beef or cabbage soup crunch almost completely Baking the cabbage at high heat is one of the fast and simple ways to cook cabbage in your home.
What are some easy, healthy recipes using cabbage?Cabbage also is known as band gobhi or patta gobhi in Hindi is cherished by way of many people in the globe. You could make a type of dry sabzis from cabbage-like poriyal, thoran, uakari, etc for your healthy diet plan. While making dry sabzis, cabbage is going very well with green peas and potatoes which are green veggies too. Most of the people like to eat cabbage in salads. If using cabbage raw in salads, then do blanch after which use them.
What are the best cabbage recipes?Most of the vegetarians are always love to eat some of the salad kind of food and healthy soup for theire diet. Some of the great delicious cabbage recipes are cabbage rolls, apple and cabbage salads with fruits, etc. There are high sources of vitamins, proteins, nutrients for your body and you can have it whenever you want. These are very easy and simple recipes to prepare in your home within 10 to 20 minutes with fewer efforts.
What are some interesting recipes with green cabbage?The very heart and soul of any Keralan sadya (dinner party or feast), cabbage thoran is superb gently spiced dry curry. It permits the flavor of the vegetable to polish and quite quick and easy to make this quite interesting recipe. and might either be served with different curries or as a primary dish with the conventional rice and poppadoms. This most versatile of veggies turns itself equally well to clean salads, hearty soups, and highly spiced stuffings.
What is a good recipe for fried cabbage?Fried Cabbage is one in everyone's preferred different dish recipes to eat at all seasons of time in homes. Cabbage turns into candy and soft and absorbs the scrumptious smoky salty flavor of the bacon. The end result is a simple aspect dish incredible for serving with grilled bird breasts or pork tenderloin! Southern-fried cabbage is sluggish-cooked and simmered in its very own juices alongside bacon and diced onion

12 Famous collections Of Cabbage Recipes

1. Cabbage Balls With Sauce

Cabbage Balls

Cabbage rolls are one of those comfort meals food that is reserved for special activities like any functions or occasions.

Instead of boiling the cabbage to wilt the leaves, microwave the entire head of cabbage for approximately 12 to 15 minutes.

The leaves may be smooth and pliable, and smooth to peel off the heat and roll to consume whenever you want at home.

It is one of the easily digestive with high fiber contained food for aged people and kids to eat anytime with sause.

2. Gobi Steamed Mathari

Mathri is a conventional North Indian style crispy cracker typically prepared and feasted upon for the duration of festivals like Diwali and Karwa Chauth.

The secret of mouth crispy texture of Mathari lies inside the substances that go into the practice of its dough and the way it’s deep-fried.

Being a famous Diwali recipe, Make it in a circular or triangle shape according to your cooking capabilities and desire.

And revel in it with tea, espresso or just simple assortment of bitter, sweet and hot chutneys as a quite scrumptious snack.

3. Cabbage Pakodi

Cabbage Pakoda

Cabbage Pakoda is an easy-to-make appetizer recipe that you may make for your loved ones in monsoons and winters.

This Pakodi recipe is cooked with shredded cabbage, rice flour, gram flour, green chili and a melange of spices.

These delicious recipes can prepare to treat your family, relatives, kitty parties and game night with your friends.

This snack recipe might be loved for all! Pair these pakodas with a cup of hot tea or espresso and enjoy!

4. Masala Cabbage

Cabbage Curry

An easy and smooth cabbage recipe curry organized with shredded cabbage leaves, potatoes, and green peas.

Masala Cabbage is so simple and it is able to be organized in a few minutes, yet it tastes great as a side dish to roti and chapati.

North Indian delicacies are famous for its gravy primarily based curries or sabzi that is normally served with chapati or naan bread.

But if you prefer something fancy without any gravy base than the cabbage sabzi recipe is the right recipe.

5. The Capsicum-corn-cabbage Soup

Corn And Cabbage Soup

Do you don't forget the cabbage soup food plan? It was one of these loopy fad diets wherein you have been to devour.

While I would in no way advocate eating just one aspect, again and again, I have to mention that I AM a massive fan of this cabbage soup.

This cabbage soup recipe has taken many through over the years, but they all have one component filled with green.

Cabbage soup can easily able to prepare within 10 to 20 minutes in your home for your healthy diet program plan.

6. Cabbage Chanadal Sabji

Cabbage Sabzi

Cabbage Chana Dal Sabzi Recipe is a dry sabzi prepared with cabbage, Bengal gram, and few more Indian masalas.

Seasoned with easy spices, this sabzi goes well with dal tadka, warm steamed rice, and a few pickles by means of the facet.

Cabbage Chana Dal Sabzi is a crunchy cabbage made with the aid of combining it with Bengal gram or dal.

Chana dal is cooked and then stir-fried with cabbage seasoned with easy Indian masalas used normally in the kitchen.

7. Cabbage Poriyal With Yogurt

Cabbage Poriyal

The Muttaikoseor Cabbage Poriyal Recipe is a totally traditional South Indian dry vegetable crafted from cabbage.

Muttaikose Poriyal is made through cooking cabbage with a very easy seasoning of mustard seeds, curry leaves, salt, and freshly grated coconut.

It takes very little time to make and is an extraordinary aspect dish which may be had alongside any south Indian Meal.

Cabbage is clearly properly for you as it's miles high in fiber and facilitates hold your digestive health in true form.

In many south Indian households, cabbage Palya is either served as a side dish to rasam and rice combination.

8. Cabbage With Hilsha Fish Head

Cabbage cooked with fish (Hilsa) heads served with dal and rice is a real Bengali dish in which Cabbage is cooked in spices

Hilsa is a palatable fish. It is one of the essential fish used extensively in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Unlike other fish, Hilsa's head is similarly relished by using all for its special taste and devour flavor.

Hilsa head cooked with cabbage tastes best with steaming rice other fish enthusiasts will surely experience this dish.

9. Easy Home Made Sauerkraut


The simplest shape of sauerkraut is simply cabbage and salt, which is wherein we begin on this recipe.

When lifestyles offer you cabbage, you make sauerkraut and homemade sauerkraut is a global apart from the stuff that comes from the grocery shop.

It’s crunchy and delightfully sour, perfect for topping a round of beer-braised brats or layering right into a huge sandwich.

Don’t worry about desiring a unique crock or making so much you’ll be consuming it for months nothing to waste it!

10. Low Carb Cabbage Ball

some other Indo Chinese delicacies or street meals Manchurian recipe prepare with grated cabbage and Manchurian sauce.

A crispy and popular Indian street food recipe comes in both gravy and dry versions and is often served with a fried rice recipe.

One of the famous road meals recipes which can be served as an aspect dish or as a starter for your dinner.

The flavor resembles very much like a veg Manchurian recipe, however, cabbage fritters are on the extra crispier facet.

11. Cabbage Muri Ghonto

Cabbage Muri Ghonto

'Muri' is the Bengali time period for head and 'ghonto' is the curry can be made with fried fish head.

The aroma of the myriad spices in conjunction with the top of the fish makes this dish nothing but heavenly.

Traditionally muri ghonto is ready using a small amount of rice. But here is every other model of this lip-smacking muri ghonto, Bengali recipe with cabbage.

Muri ghonto tastes first-class when cooked with the head of the Rohu fish or the Ilish fish located in Bengal.

This precise and exquisite muri ghonto, Bengali recipe offers a whole new size to the way one eats fish.

12. Cabbage Pakora Recipe

Cabbage Pakora

A mouth-watering cabbage pakodas recipe prepared from cabbage leaves blended with beans and other spices.

A perfect birthday party starters and appetizer or truly may be used for a nighttime snack with masala chai.

There are several variations to pakoras and additionally, it may be organized with various greens.

Out of all onion pakora or khandha, bhajiya is a highly popular snack and cabbage bhajiya is ready very comparable.

It follows the equal procedure and steps yet has a diffused flavor variant and crispness due to shredded cabbage.