13 Brinjal Recipes: How To Make Delicious Brinjal Curry?

Posted By : Elavarsan , 27/03/2020

Know the list of scrumptious, tasty and easy brinjal recipes from home

Brinjal is a natural vegetable that is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Prepare a variety of low-calorie brinjal recipes to add more health value.

If you've got grown up in an Indian home, you may be familiar with the occasional stomach-churning smell of burning.

Brinjal is commonly named as Eggplant or baingan in Hindi. This veggie is purple-colored in its outside and whitish pulp in its inner side.

Indian cuisine, you'll find that brinjal is typically organized as a fundamental course for the preparation of many dishes.

Some of the most common types of recipes prepared using brinjal are baingan ka bharta, khatee methein baingan, etc.

But you may find that a lot of different cuisines are greater creative with their use of aubergine or brinjal.

They use it in dips, salads, appetizers, stews, lasagna, and many others, where Greek Moussaka is one of the example dish.

Greek Moussaka is prepared with layers of minced meat, bechamel sauce, brinjal, and tomato sauce.

Then there is Babaganoush that's a middle-eastern, smokey dip made with eggplant, tahini, pepper and olive oil.

Aubergines are appropriate in your coronary heart and will assist save you coronary heart sickness.

And also assist manage blood strain as they carry potassium which enables maintain super stability.

People Also Ask

What are your favorite brinjal recipes?In the Indian delicacies, you’ll find that brinjal is generally prepared as primary direction, it can be honestly delicious. Here are a few smooth, delicious and extraordinary ways to use up your eggplant. 1.BAINGAN BHARTA RECIPE - A simple Punjabi baingan bharta recipe without using many masalas and spices. 2. BHAVA BAINGAN RECIPE-The filling mixture of those brinjals abound in nutrition C and iron and protein. 3. BAINGAN MASALA RECIPE-A highly spiced baingan is truly a lip-smacking vegetable recipe with brinjals.
What is The Recipe for Good Brinjal Fry?Rava fry vegetables are a pretty famous recipe in south India and eggplant Rava fry is one such recipe. It's also one of the famous side dishes most of the Konkani community from south Canara. And it is in particular served after the rasam rice mixture which is a tasty companion for dal rice or sambar rice It's far a quick and easy side dish prepared with pink brinjal or eggplant covered with spiced rava.
How To Make Some Interesting Dishes With Brinjals?Eggplant, aubergine or brinjal hails from the nightshade species of culmination and greens. Baba Ganous Recipe delightful dip is complete of smokey flavors and goes well with all types of bread. Stir-fried Brinjal is a scrumptious recipe prepared with soy sauce, sugar and red chili and few masalas. Eggplant salad Dip flavorful dip can be part of any meal is made with bell peppers, garlic, onion, and parsley. Kashmiri Dahi Baingan is made with aromatic spices to make you feel looking increasingly of it.
What are some of Brinjal Recipes?Brinjal recipe is a collection of Indian baingan recipes. Includes crammed brinjals, gravy curry, chutney, vangi bath. This eggplant veggie is a famous south Indian recipe which is served with rice, roti, or chapati. It is full of health blessings and can be cooked into scrumptious, tasty and easy recipes. You can add brinjal fry, brinjal curry, with pulao, cumin rice, briyani chawal or Britain to add some more taste and delicious starter.
How do you prepare a smashed brinjal recipe at home?Mashing brinjals are perfectly matching with smoking brinjal without any delay frying with the gasoline burner. wherein its skin receives smoked and charred and is derived out easily than the inner stuff wishes to mashed up. Then nicely too which chilies, boiled potatoes caramelized onions or uncooked finely chopped onions and delivered to it. simply adding or blending thick yogurt with that mashed brinjal wherein there already exist boiled mashed potatoes in it.

13 Popular Collections Of Brinjal Recipes

1. Brinjal Chutney

Brinjal Chutney

South Indian delicacies are famed for its form of chutneys and dips which provide a sure exceptional flavor to the most popular dishes.

The rice primarily cooking with rice flour and get its first-class taste when serving with the chutneys to tingle your taste buds.

Without any difficulty, if you want to prepare a delicious chutney, then this chutney is a wonderful choice for your cooking.

This facet dish recipe might help you put together a very easy and yet delectable chutney which can be an extremely good addition to any of your food.

2. Brinjal Rice

Brinjal Rice

Karnataka delicacies have to offer several subtle but conventional recipes to Indian delicacies palette.

It in all popular for its breakfast recipes and rice recipes and easy brinjal recipe has to provide unique flavor too.

Out of them, probable brinjal rice recipe or vangi bath recipe is a quite famous one because of its unique taste.

Vangi bath recipe could be very just like its cousin Bisibele tub and puliyogare but the preparation method differs.

3. Brinjal Curry

Brinjal Curry

Preparing lunch is the maximum daunting challenge and the query, ‘what's the dish to prepare today’ is something that each one housewife detests.

Preparing lunch is also crucial because it is that one meal that sustains you through the day with high energy.

If you need to invite a visitor and do no longer have the time to cook an intricate meal, then move for this easy lunch recipe.

Andhra Brinjal Curry is a South Indian curry recipe preparing with brinjal and cumin seeds. These spices add aroma to this dish.

This scrumptious main dish recipe goes properly with naan and steamed rice. Coconut provides a unique flavor.

4. Brinjal Pudina Curry

Brinjal Pudina Curry

Brinjal could be very well-known all the time classic bharta but there are some delicious recipes with brinjal.

which aren't so much cooked however they are very one of a kind and tasty. Brinjal in pudina gravy is one such recipe.

If you want to invite a tourist and do not have the time to cook a complex meal, then pass for this clean lunch recipe.

Try this distinctive aspect dish as soon as in your kitchen and revel in this side dish with a facet of warm rice or roti.

5. Brinjal Fry

Brinjal Fry

Speaking of all of the Bengali cuisines, Brinjal Fry o is the most popular recipe within the complete vicinity.

Brinjal Fry is a kind of authentic recipe which is most famous in the Indian State of Bengal.

A unique and wonderful flavored recipe.

It is the dish cooking along with the veggie without any peeling and marinating with the multiple flavors of spices.

This delicious and brief eggplant recipe is all set to mesmerize your taste buds and supply them a celebratory ceremonial dinner like in no way before.

This evergreen conventional proper dish is an excellent manner to have a good time the auspicious competition of Navratri.

6. Brinjal Pickle

Brinjal Pickle

This is an incredible recipe where you pickle brinjal with spices to get a scrumptious pickle without oil.

This is one of my mom's trademark recipes in all Indian family homes with different ways of preparation method.

Brinjal pickle is a conventional Indian condiment that is the appropriate addition to any curry. Slightly candy and highly spiced, it’s clean to make.

Serve the brinjal pickle with any or all types of an Indian meal. This recipe will add tastier if added with mango chutney.

7. Kathirikai Poriyal or Brinjal Poriyal

Kathirikai Poriyal

Brinjal is one of the relatively versatile veggies. You can essentially roast, bake, grill or use it in a gravy-like brinjal theeyal or make a stir fry.

Without a doubt, any way you make it, it tastes delicious. Brinjals cook dinner rapid and it is so easy to chop them up and make a stir fry in mins.

The satisfactory part is they certainly flavor equally good with both chapatis and rice and all you need is just a few spices.

This kathirikaai poriyal also known as brinjal poriyal is very simple and easy to cook. A delicious eggplant which is most famous in south Indian country.

8. Dry brinjal masala

Dry Brinjal Masala

A conventional Hyderabadi dish served with a maximum of biryanis and with rice, dosa, idli, etc.

This is also a popular brinjal recipe famous in the Andhra region and calling in the name of Gutti Vankaya Kura.

Dry Brinjal Masala comes with the blend of tamarind masala that makes the food lovers enjoy the taste of brinjal.

This is an outstanding dish to be at the table of your subsequent meal for your dinner or lunch.

9. Baingan Pakora

Baingan Pakora

A classical dish from the Bengali cuisine, the baingan pakora is familiar and famous all over the Bengal state.

Always served at Iftar, you can serve it at tea time or add it as a side dish to your main meal at night.

Bengali people usually prepare this Baingan Pakora during Ramadan season. This recipe is an essential food practice in this state.

Beguni Recipe is a famous monsoon snack where it is teaming with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney offering a superb taste.

10. Bangan Basanti

Bangan Basanti

Moreover, this Basanti a tasty dish cooking along with yogurt and this addition offer more rich and delicious to eat.

Begun Basanti Recipe is a delicacy among the Bengali Cuisine. As it contains very familiar ingredients similar to Bong cooking.

The cooking method of egg-plant is a delicious recipe, try this tasty veg curry for your satisfying meal.

Serve the Begun Basanti Recipe along with Cholar Dal and Bengali Lucchi to create a nice Bengali meal for your lunch.

11. Brinjal Salad

Spicy Brinal Salad

Mediterranean cuisine gets it all over fame around the world for the sumptuous cuisine it has to provide.

From salads to fundamental dishes, Along with the taste, those dishes quite nutritious as well.

This brinjal salad can be easily cooked within minutes. This salad is very famous in Indian cuisine and also it is very healthy.

These nutritious eggplants are wealthy in potassium, fiber and vitamin C and which cope with your heart health.

12.Vangi Bath Recipe

Vangi Bath Recipe

Vangi Bath (brinjal rice), a light highly spiced rice dish made with sauteed brinjal and few of Indian masalas.

It is especially popular in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra and most of the Indian states.

First, the brinjal is cooked with vangi and added with masala powder and tamarind pulp.

Then, this mixture is blended with cooked rice to prepare vangi bath.

This Vangi Bath Recipe makes this complete process even easier to comply with distinctive commands and grades.

13. Beguni Recipe

Beguni Recipe

It is one of the famous meals of Bengali and it will pretty suitable if we call it 'mother of Bengali telebhaja'.

The people from west bengal and Bangladesh mostly like this recipe and they cook this most of time in their daily meal.

Every single chew into the skinny slice of smooth eggplant below the blanket of crispy coating explores the richness of flavors.

Beguni Recipe is one of those versatile meals which are lip-smacking and serving at any time of the day, from lunch to snack.