32 Simple Bread Recipes For Breakfast Serve A Delicious Bread

Posted By : sathish kumar , 20/01/2020

Yummy Bread Recipes for Kids. Serve a healthy breakfast to your kids every day

Discover the multiple numbers of unique bread recipes that can be cooked from home for your kids and other family members.

In western countries, bread is the main ingredient using for their daily food consumption. Without bread, a meal is not completed.

Why they are giving much importance for this bread and taking it as a staple food? No cholesterol is the primary reason.

Bread is not a food but carries conventional values of people from western countries. Iceland's traditional bread bakes in the pot.

As an enriched carbohydrate food, bread production in Germany supplies 200 different types of bread- Taste all of them.

Homemade bread recipes are always favorite and every slice of the bread will offer perfect nutrient balance.

Now food is a global one. Without any border and limitation, all love the bread and this continental delicious recipe.

Wheat bread is the most recommending bread category loaded with multiple health benefits. the crispy and soft dough is the best of the texture.

The traditional slices are good to eat but taste-wise Indian spices and vegetable stuffings are the best ones to taste.

Various dishes and toppings have elegantly arranged this bread with different tastes. It can be a sandwich, cheese roast, bread pakoda or bread poha.

Equal to the bread master now our moms and housewives can create more delicious bread recipes from their home.

The juicy stuff can be veggie, meat or butter but we will simply enjoy the scrumptious bread recipes with a different style.

Enqyer offer step by step guide on the diverse bread recipes. If you like to start your bread recipes just view our portal.

Multiple delectable recipes are waiting for your taste. Start your bread baking journey with Enqyer!

People Also Ask

What are the Best Bread Recipes?Homemade bread is one of the best suitable outfits to try your new and innovative bread base recipes. Simple and authentic Indian masalas are offering a special tone to this continental recipes. Whether it is small veggie stuff or elegant non-veg meat the bread carries all the stuff and offers a delicious taste. Sandwiches, egg toast and veggie stuffing all are the best bread recipes try at our home.
What is a simple recipe to make bread?Poring the flour and add enough water and mix them without any clumsy structure is the first step. Then add the baking soda and knead the dough until it comes as a flexible dought. then cover the dough for1 to 1-1/2 hours. Set your oven with 375°. Then the tough turns into the golden-brown layer. It is the right time to take away from the oven.
What is your Favorite Recipe for Homemade Bread?The right consistency of flour, butter, and oil is the base for the homemade recipe of bread. Preparation of dough, kneading is needed to right consistency otherwise we will not make any good bread. Bake the bread with optimal temperature when cutting your bread the slice will too smooth and spongy. There are multiple eas homemade preparation of bread and recipes are listed here. Try all those recipes.

32 Types of Bread Recipes

1. Stuffed Fruit Bread

fruit bread

For delicious sweet recipes or the making of desserts stuffed fruit bread is the primary choice to prepare a new dish.

Our favorite bread, egg, sugar, and fruit are the basic ingredients to prepare this dessert instantly.

Prepared fruit stuff spreads around the flat surface of the bread. For crispy edges, the egg mix is using to cover the bread.

The bread pieces are cooking until getting the golden brown. Then serve this simple dessert as an evening snack.

2. Diet Egg Sandwich

egg sandwich

Egg sandwich are more protein filling snack item kids and elderly all people can taste this recipe.

Boiled egg, Ginger garlic paste and delighting chutney spread are the ingredients need to prepare this sandwich.

To avoid too many calories and cholesterol carving this protein filling Indian sandwich is the best for your diet.

For the diet, freakiest Enqyer provides such easy and delicious food recipes in a wide variety. Try your healthy recipes.

3. Bread Halwa

bread halwa

Bread Halwa is a very famous sweet recipe need not any introduction for the sweet lovers. But bread halwa sounds new.

The base of the halwa flour is grinding from bread. Coconut milk is adding to get the right consistency.

Then our healthy spices of turmeric powder, Jaggery syrup, cashew nut, almonds are adding to get the perfect halwa.

Bread halwa is a simple and famous festive dish in South India. Give your try for this nutrient dish.

4. Bread Uttapam

bread uttapam

Uttappam is a regular dish of South-India preparation of such fluffy uttapam with bread is a new try.

Bread uttapam is an instant recipe blender of bread slices only the main ingredient offers the best bread uttapam.

Whether it is a busy breakfast and hot crispy evening snack then bread uttapam is the finest snack combination.

Making bread uttapam with the fragrant Indian spices and healthy veggies toppings adds taste to this dish.

5. Garlic Bread Recipe

garlic bread recipe

Garlic bread recipes are the classic Italian signature side dish very famous around the globe.

The combination of bread slices with the soft melting butter offers crispy taste and texture to this dish.

A simple and easy method of toasting just made within 10 to 20 minutes. For your fast meal choice, it is the best recipe.

Homemade garlic bread is well famous and carries all the fresh and health benefits. Try to serve this dish to your family.

6. Instant Bread Dosa

instant bread dosa

The unique and modern way of meal preparation is the primary responsibility of modern moms.

Finding a new, unique dish and prepare them with a desirable taste for your kid is the toughest task.

However, the limited sprinkles of spices and healthy veggies are the effective out layer decorates this instant bread dosa.

Though are you ready for the innovative dish, then try this Instant dosa as a superb ready to eat a meal.

7. Yummy Curd Sandwich

curd sandwich

Yoghurt sandwich is a healthy Indian chat item fills with various vegetables, cheese as a wholesome package of a delicious dish.

Preparing a creamy sandwich is not an easy task, to offer the restaurant-style of sandwich try this recipe.

For sandwich lovers, the curd sandwich is certainly a superb good choice for their morning delicacy.

Kids, modern adults all are love this tremendous recipe. For easy and healthy preparation never miss this dish.

8. Sweet Egg Bread

sweet egg bread

Sweet Egg and bread are the inseparable combinations to present a delicious snack or evening snack for your family members.

Ingredients of this sweet egg bread comprise the healthy flavors and initiate your fresh and energetic morning with this dish.

Due to the workaholic environment, many of the adults and senior people are fails to concentrate on health.

So, changing the food style to these healthy snack items will be a wonderful combination for your dist schedule.

9. Bread Potato Snack

bread potato snack

Potato snack is universally loved veggies making the snack item with this veggie is the finest recipe.

To satisfy your food carving the bread potato is the easy making dish comes with the simple recipe.

Pakoda, samosas are the regular Indian dishes that offer boredom for your kids. Instead of them try this once.

The combination of bread and potato is the mouth-watering dish that offers a satisfying snack for your evening.

10. Banana Bread

banana bread

Bananas are a rich source of potassium. However, trying the banana bread recipe is a good choice of bread.

Smashing bananas, ghee, and powdered spices are the ever-loving combinations for tasty banana bread slice.

Ready to prepare the healthy bread recipe, banana bread recipes is the simple and fast making one.

Without any oven, we can make this meal instantly at any time anywhere. Give your try for this banana bread.

11. Bread Burfi

bread burfi

Bread Burfi is a sweet ever-loving candy loved by kids to elderly people. Burfi reserves its special place in Indian cooking.

Although we are considering, burfi is a time taking process and the perfect consistency only makes the good burfi.

The slices of coconut, almond, cashews, and ghee are the perfect chewing combination for our sweet tooth.

Enqyer will guide to prepare this sweet candy within a few minutes. To get the right consistency of sweet to follow our recipe method.

12. Bread Ras Malai

bread rasamalai

Rasamalai is the traditional Bengali dish prepare from the cottage cheese and condensed milk with dry fruits.

Our traditional Rasalamalai prepares with the usage of paneer and dry nuts. For diet followers, paneer can crave in a limit.

To avoid the overconsumption of fat, using bread is an ideal choice for your healthy food consumption.

This special dish takes nearly take more than two hours of preparation. We provide simple bread ras malai for your easy preparation.

13. Bread Pakoda

bread pakoda

Bread pakora is a delicious tea-time snack and the ever-loving street food common in all corners of India.

Besan flours are the main ingredient along with the bread to get the delicious tea time snack.

While batter the basen we can add the spicy and aroma recipes finally the slices of bread combine with this dish.

For fast and easy tea-time snack this bread pakoda is a suitable one and serve this with tomato ketchup.

14. Crunchy besan bread fries

besan bread fries

For the main course of your breakfast, crunchy besan bread fries are the ever-loving combination to your idlis and dosas.

Without any deep oily fry, the masala flavors are just applied on the bread surface with regular spicy masala.

Turmeric powder, spices are the only spices adding the good looking color for your crunchy besan bread.

The small amount of oil and apply this masala bread will offer a crunchy outlook to this crunch bread fry.

15. Half Fried Egg Sandwich

fried egg sandwich

Fat is an essential one and it needs to grab our regular vitamins and minerals for the conversion of energy.

Adding a limited amount of fat is a good one for your wonderful diet follow up. For diet seekers, it will be a good option.

The slice of the bread with melting butter is the mouth-watering combination that offers a delicious outlook to eat.

Adding the coriander leaves and salt and finally cover the half boiling egg with the other slice of bread fulfill this dish.

16. Bread Chicken Pola

bread chicken pola

Bread chicken pola is one of the remarkable Malabar chat dishes prepares with the whole combination of meat.

Small pieces of cooked chicken pieces are the main ingredient along with the spicy veggies of garlic and green chilly.

Again the small pieces of bread slices are separately mixing with eggs and spices to add puffy texture to this dish.

Finally, nearly five eggs are using to cook the meaty treat and get its round shape and welcome us with a spicy aroma.

17. Milk Bread Rasamilai

milk bread rasamalai

Milk bread ras malai is the eye-catching and flavourful milk sweet get its origin from Kolkata.

As a typical Bengali recipe the pure milk, ghee, and saffrons are using to get the authentic taste of Milk ras malai.

The deep sweet condensed milk with the usage of cardamom and sugar syrup is the base of ras malai.

Finally, we add the bread slices along with the saffron add the color and richness to this milk recipe.

18. Mushroom Tandoori Chicken sandwich

mushroom tandoori chicken

The tender mushroom and bread slice together offer the tasty innovative dish in the form of tandoori.

If you want to give the non-veg feast then add the small chicken pieces to your bread mushroom tandoori.

Just marinate the ingredients like chicken, mushroom and spicey ingredient along wit tangy lemon juice.

At last, the spicy masala covers the plain slices of bread. Grill the bread slices for crunchy flavor.

19. Cheese and Chocolate Grilled Sandwich

cheese and chocolate sandwich

A sandwich is the common snack item for all. Meat and veggies are elegantly decorating these sandwich recipes.

All these sandwiches can routine dishes. Then how to add innovative stuff in our sandwich snack?

Chocolate grilled sandwich combination with the fresh bread slices are the deliciously sweet dessert can easily try at our home.

The cheese coating of bread adds the golden brown clour and the adding of chocolate as a core for your evening snack.

20. Oats Bread Toast

oats bread toast

Elderly people have to maintain a balanced diet by taking protein, carbohydrate, and fat in the right ratio.

People with diabetes are the common health issue prevailing around the globe and they recommended to follow a proper diet.

For them, oats and wheat are the mandatory food recommending from the doctors. Don't get loose your food love.

We offer various oat and wheat relating delicious dishes list to your stable diet. Start your healthy and tasty diet.

21. Beef Sandwich Fry

beef sandwich

A beef sandwich is the perfect breakfast dish made from a handful of spicy Indian ingredients to add authentic flavor.

Refined cooking of meat is using as the core for this sandwich fry. Ginger and garlic paste are elegantly prepared as a paste.

The green peas with turmeric garnish and cover the bread slices at the edges. For kids, it is a crispy and spicy snack.

For meat lovers, it is certainly a lip-smacking dish that serves in the evening time. Take your tasty try.

22. Cheesy Burnt Garlic Bread

burnt garlic bread

Though it is a juicy or dry, the love on garlic bread is a stable one. Are you love this burnt flavor of garlic?

Then we provide enormous dishes for your taste and crispy snacks from the simple ingredient of bread.

Burnt Garlic fry, butter mixture, and slices of bell peppers are evenly spread around the bread slices.

Then the air fry will cook the bread slice into the finest level. With simple and 30 minutes of preparation quit your hungry.

23. French Toast flatter

french toast flatter

French toast flatter is the famous restaurant dish available in topmost hostels and restaurants. Now we can make this classy recipe at home.

The bread slices deeply soaking with the egg and offer the crispy and golden brown color to the toast.

As per our wish, we can use the side dish to compensate for this with spicy masalas or mild sweety components.

It is totally a trendy recipe we offer the innovative preparation with cocktail sausages. Try and give your comments.

24. American Breakfast Platter

american breakfast platter

The sausage sandwich is one of the famous American breakfast preparing for different styles of cooking.

It is purely a continental dish offer the international feel while tasting the sausage sandwich at restaurants.

Adding meat, and fried sausages are simply blended with our authentic spices of garlic and green chilies.

The juicy meat with Indian spices is the mouth water combination a memorable one in your favorite dish list.

25. Peanut Milk Bread Halwa

bread halwa

Bread halwa is a balanced nutrient dish, an unfamiliar sweet dish to most of the people.

Simple slices of bread pieces and condensed milk are the easily available ingredient to prepare the halwa.

This delicate milk sweet recipe elegantly arranged with the toppings of cashews and resins.

Prepare this wonderful dish on your special occasion it will certainly steal the heart of every guest.

26. Stuffed Garlic Bread

stuffed garlic bread

Stuffed garlic bread is a healthy bread recipe made with fresh baking bread with the addition of garlic.

To get the authentic taste, baking the bread at our home is a pretty good choice. we give the perfect guidance for this dish.

Fry the garlic with olive oil with the addition of red chilies. Mix all of them and add it between the bread slices.

Garlic bread is the primary low carb food comes with the balance of oregano. Try this dish for your meal.

27. Sweetbread Fry

sweet bread fry

Sweetbread fry is the best evening snack item easy to make and offering for the small kids in your home.

The finely beaten eggs, maida, sugar all offer the softy and melting texture to this sweet bread recipe.

We can try this flavor of spices as well as the sweet as per our choice of a delicious evening snack.

It is easy and less time-consuming work will complete within 30 minutes of time. Try this sweet bread.

28. Tasty Bread Omelet

tasty bread omlet

For fast and easy breakfast, home moms can use this tasty bread omelet as their predominant recipe.

The colorful array of onion, tomatoes, and chilies are offering the enticing out layer and tempting feel to eat.

Egg and all fresh veggies are blended and offer the smoothy and garnished texture on the bread slices.

Try this spicy recipe made with the fusion of Indian and western style. For more menus follow our recipe portal.

29. Jain Cheese Chataka

jain cheese chataka

Jain Cheese Cahatak is one of the delicious vegetarian sandwich recipes that comes with hot spicy flavors.

For the Indian spice lovers, it is the most suitable dish for your meal as well as the evening snack item.

As a multi-color dish, the different vegetables and spices are spread around the stuff of this bread.

Energy containing vegetarian recipes it well suitable one for all. Try this colorful dish at your home.

30. Vegetable Brown Bread Upma

vegetable brown bread upma

Upma is one of the famous signature dishes of south-India. When it arranges with multiple veggies the taste is too good.

To offer such too good veggie housewives and mom can try this vegetable brown bread upma for regular breakfast.

With the base of bread slices and finely cooked veggies are the balance combination follows in this typical upma.

Juicy bread slices of this upma create this base structure and the healthy benefits of veggies are add richness to this dish.

31. Aloogadi Pallya Bread

aloogadi pallya bread

A true veggie sandwich is a famous south-Indian dish made from the Iyengar style. So, delicious one to try.

The preparation of the aloo masala is the core work and brings the cooking art to this dish.

Adding the channa masala or garam masala gives a different tone to this core masala. Choose your masala.

It is an easy and nutrient dish loading with multiple fibers, carbohydrates, and proteins. Let's start your Aloogadai pallya dish.

32. Bread dosa

bread dosa

Bread Dosa is one of the famous south-Indian recipe known for its golden texture with crispy taste. multiple dosa varieties are found here.

From masala dosa to curry dosa multiple varieties dosas are filling our hungry stomach. Do you know this Bread dosa?

Yeah, ultimately a new innovative dish comes with a different combination of Rava and bread. Try it you home