How To Cook Restaurant Style Bottle Gourd Recipes In Home?

Posted By : Myilraj , 30/03/2020

Find a List of Great Bottle Gourd Recipes Which is Popular in Indian Cuisine

Bottle Gourd also is known as sorakkai is a famous vegetable in Indian Food Culture. Know the variety of Bottle Gourd Recipes to cook in your home.

Bottle gourd recipes are the water filling veggies that come with a high amount of water content and enough minerals.

However, soft and young veggies are the best and suitable for our cooking. While selecting this veggie note this point.

Due to the consideration of the medical elements vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc is the essential nutrients in this veggie.

However, this recipe contains multiple nutrient benefits, as well as the fiber is the secondary component in this bottle gourd.

Dried bottle gourds are the water carrying vessels and the huge size gourds are using for the making of hats.

In India, multiple musical instruments like tempura and are preparing from this dried bottle gourd vegetable.

Steaming bottle gourds to fries, soups, and marination of veggies all are using in this bottle gourd veggie.

First of all, bottle gourd stuffing is the staple food preparation method in the preparation of veggie Chinese food.

In essence, the mild and watery flavor of the veggie adds the taste to the cooking. Then this veggie easily merging to eggplants too.

Though it can be a simple veggie more rural people are using this food ingredient to cure Asthma.

The fresh and extract juice of the bottle gourd is using for the folk medicine for the diabetes disease.

This water veggie cooking along with the salt offering the best solution to reduce the overweight issues.

Now, all will get the best benefits and nutrient elements of this bottle gourd. Give your cooking time for your recipe.

Here we offer the multiple exotic recipes preparing from this fresh veggie. All will offer a unique taste to your taste buds.

People Also Ask

What Are the Interesting Recipes for Bottle Gourd? Bottle gourd is the fantastic food ingredient that comes with juicy, vitamins and minerals. So add this veggie to your dish. Easy and spicy kurma is the easy and instant preparation recipe that easily matching to our morning breakfast. Whether it is a chapati or poori this kurma is the fabulous combination that offers enough energy. Try this delicious recipe. Garam masala, spices, chilies are the perfect blend of recipes that simple and interesting ones to prepare.
What Are Some Great Dishes Which can be Prepared by Bottle Gourd? Bottle gourd is the staple food ingredient using in our daily food intake. For its medical advantage, it is a very useful one. The crunchy and soft bottle preparing with multiple sweet dishes to spicy and masala enough curries. Bottle gourd halwa is the familiar dish other than that lauki channa are the delicious recipes preparing from this veggie. So, whether it is a simple recipe are the grant dish all can easily preparing through this bottle gourd.
What is a Recipe for Bottle Gourd Raita or Salad? Bottle gourd raita is the new but healthy raita preparing from the fresh veggies like cucumber, carrot, curry leaves, coriander and Ginger. With the collection of these fresh herbs our raita preparation too easy one. Salads are the fitness relating recipe. Without the curd, all the ingredients are helping to prepare this easy salad recipe. For the fitness freak, it is the best one. So, now you can get an easy idea on the preparation of this raita and healthy salad. Try this healthy recipe.

15+ Types Bottle Gourd Recipes

1. Bangladeshi Lau Chingri

bangladeshi lau chingri

Shrimp is the protein filling content and one of the famous seafood for healthy food preparation.

Commonly, Bangladesh lau chingri are too delicious and mouth-watering dishes preparing along with the veggies.

It is the blend of veg and non-veg curry. To add the rich variety of spices and herbs adding into this recipe.

For the fitness and healthy Sunday meal try this wonderful and mouth-watering dish for your effective breakfast.

2. Bottle Gourd Dal Recipe

bottle gourd dal recipe

Bengali dishes are the rich filling contents whether we making a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish preparation.

Most of the time we find enough spices and herbs are using for the signature dishes of the bottle gourd dal recipe.

This dal recipe is a wonderful authentic dish preparing with healthy veggies like bitter gourd and bay leaf.

However, this dish carries all the ingredients suits to the simple biryani too. So simple dal recipe offers enough taste.

3. Bottle Gourd Recipes for Rice

bottle gourd recipes for rice

Pulao preparation is always the finest option for our special occasions, home functions and festive times.

Preparing vegetarian pulao is less in numbers. So, offering exotic pulao is certainly a complex task.

To resolve this problem here is your favorite bottle gourd recipe for rice that leads to the tasty pulao recipe.

Peas, nuts, ginger, Cumin, and black pepper are the herbs offering the authentic taste to this bottle gourd pulao recipe.

4. Lauki Masala

lauki masala

Gravy or semi gravy is the wonderful mouth-watering dish preparing from the bottle gourd vegetable.

Without any too many collections of spices, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and chili powder is adding in this gravy.

Lauki masala is the famous recipe to enjoy the spongy and water filling bottle gourd spicy gravy.

For the people who are waiting for the reduction of too much weight can easily add this recipe for their regular diet.

5. Bottle Gourd Sabzi

bottle gourd sabzi

Bottle gourd Sabzi is the famous Indian recipe preparing from both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Preparing this authentic dish in bottle gourd is a wonderful choice of cooking for your special guests.

To offer the exotic taste and healthy dish tomato, spuds and bottle gourd are using for this preparation.

For the housewives and chefs, it is the brand new recipe. So, try this recipe at your home kitchen.

6. Lauki Sabzi Recipe

lauki sabzi recipe

Bengali dishes are so special in its texture and it easily blends with the two or more veggies and masalas.

Usage of ginger garlic paste, mustard seeds, and lentils are the protein enrich contents that offer a perfect taste to this recipe.

Bitter gourd is the medicinal veggie cooking along with the sugar to reduce the bitterness of the dish.

Lauki Sabzi is the superb dish carrying the sweet, bitter and spicy tastes into a single recipe try this dish.

7. Lauki Halwa

lauki halwa

The richness of the bottle gourd lies in its minerals, fibers and vitamin contents while tasting the veggie.

Halwa is the sweet and traditional dish of India serving at the festivals and special occasions and parties.

Though it is the simple and tasty dish preparing with multiple veggies, Now this long gourd is using for halwa preparation.

Milk, ghee, Cardamom, and long melon are offering the perfect halwa for your special occasions try this recipe.

8. Calabash Pakora

calabash pakora

Chat items are the kids loving and spicy, crispy snack items easily matching for our evening snack time.

This vitamin enriches green melon offers enough tasty easy preparation pakora for your snack time.

The addition of cumin, chana, ginger, and rice flour is the perfect base for this crispy calabash pakora recipe.

While using the Chana dhal this recipe offering the crispy texture to this recipe. Try this pakora.

9. Lau Chingri

lau chingri

Bengali dishes are always given their primary importance to the meat and veggie combination.

As a soft and mild green veggie offering the delightful taste with the prawns. It is a tasty recipe.

Using only the simple spices like cumin and turmeric powder is using for the delicious meat and veggie blend dish.

To add the spiciness green chilies and sugar are adding in this tasty and protein enrich recipe. Try this bottle gourd lau chingri recipe.

10. Calabash Curry

calabash curry

Whenever we searching for the all-season veggie that time bottle gourd is the easy and available veggie.

Red chili powder, green chili, and turmeric usages are offering the exotic and rich color to the calabash curry recipe.

It is the different preparation along with the milk usage and fresh veggie as a different combination.

Try this north-Indian recipe and serve this new dish to your family members and friends all will love this recipe.

11. Bottle Gourd Roti

bottle gourd roti

Roti preparation with the smooth and soft bottle gourd recipe is a wonderful dish. It is an easy dish.

Usage of butter, ginger paste, cumin seeds are offering the excellent aroma for this bottle gourd roti .

For the perfect crispy texture, rice flour is using for this roti preparation along with butter.

To add the fiber and spicy taste, green chili, ginger paste salt is using to create this soft and smooth roti.

12. Sorakaya Pulusu

sorakaya pulusu

Bottle gourd recipe is the wonderful vegetarian gravy preparing from the usage jaggery in special Andhra style.

To add the sour taste the addition tomato and tamarind are using in this special recipe along with spices.

Turmeric powder, cumin, red chili powder are the simple ingredients are using in this bottle guard gravy.

Red chili and green chili both are using in this flavorful dish. So don't miss this new sorakaya pulusu dish in your kitchen.

13. Bottle Gourd Fish Curry

fish curry

In India, fish curries are more famous and the signature taste totally varies from region to region.

Especially, the Bengal is one of the finest places to enjoy mouth-watering fish dishes and gravies.

To add the extra veggies and offer the creamy texture to the recipe bottle gourd veggie is using in this dish.

Ginger, garlic, and coriander are the medicinal properties using to add the taste as well as cherish the rich fish curry.

14. Bottle Gourd Dal Curry

dal curry

Dal curry are never ignoring the soft, easy and spongy vegetables for their gravy preparation. So, try this dhal recipe.

Sometimes raw ginger is using to offer the rich and spicy tone to this vegetable curry. Try this dish at your home.

Ghee, red chili, coriander are the other easily available ingredients available and daily dishes.

For the creamy and protein enrich gourd dhal this is the fabulous dish. Try and serve this dish to your family.

15. Bottle Gourd Dosa

bottle gourd dosa

Dosa is the ever-loving recipe that comes with multiple veggies and crispy texture to decorate our breakfast.

Normally, carrot, onion is the usual dishes are layering on the dosa with the addition of ghee or oil.

For a change, the chopped bottle gourd and green chilies are adding as a perfect ingredient for this recipe.

Try this bottle gourd dosa for your kids. Other than that elderly people also love this recipe very much.

16. Sorekai Palya

The simple and sweet stir fry of the bottle recipe offering the excellent new taste to your master cooking.

However, the addition of chana dal and cumin seeds are offering the rich taste to this bottle gourd sorekai palya recipe.

It is the dish perfectly matching to your vegetarian feast along with the sambar and steamed rice.

To get the spike of the spicy tone in the overall dish, red chili and green chili are adding in this veggie dish.