11 Best Bitter Gourd Recipes Tasty And Healthy Bitter Gourd Recipes

Posted By : Myilraj , 06/04/2020

Best Recipes Using Bitter Gourd - Tasty and Healthy Bitter Gourd Recipes

Bitter gourd or bitter melon is a super special vegetable-fruit. Actually, India is the origin of this bitter gourd.

This bitter gourd is available in various sizes and shapes. In fact, this is best when it's in green or yellow color.

Bitter gourd holds a bitter flavor which makes people fear eating this. Various methods are in use to reduce bitterness.

This healthy food contains rich nutrients and health benefits. Hence, this is bitter gourd is good for all age groups.

Generally, bitter gourd contains rich vitamins, twice the spinach's calcium. This gives the best source of dietary fiber.

Bitter gourd can be in various forms like steam, bake or fry, and stuff. Additionally, this is the food to intake in raw form.

In fact, bitter gourds can control diabetes by drinking them as juice. There are a large number of health benefits that resides in this.

This bitter gourd gives a good source of iron, magnesium, and potassium. A wide range of bitter gourd recipes is available.

By using bitter gourd, a lot of recipes like pickles, gravies, snacks, dumplings, soups are made. They are very easy to prepare.

Bitter gourd is used to make famous Indian cuisine recipes like paratha and chips. They are the most healthy recipes.

Other than this, bitter gourd gravy and bitter guard sabzi are the famous and delicious bitter gourd recipes to make.

Here you will find more about bitter gourd recipes, how to prepare them easily at home. Try all the recipes to amaze your people.

People Also Ask

What are some ways to cook bitter gourd?Bitter gourd cooking has special steps in south Indian cuisine. That is useful in making the bitter gourd in wonderful flavor. If you want to eat biter gourd but you dint like the bitter flavor, then use the following method to reduce bitter flavor. Before cooking bitter gourd, marinate the vegetable-fruit with salt. For twenty to thirty minutes, follow the procedure. Then, the bitter flavor will be going off. You can cook recipes like gravy, fries, pickles, juices by using this bitter gourd.
How to use bitter-gourd to make a tasty and delicious recipe?We can make plenty of recipes using the healthy bitter gourd. Preparation methods and flavors differ from each other. stuffed bitter gourd with cheese is the most delicious recipe. You can simply make this with cheese and fresh bitter gourds. Similarly, you can prepare bitter gourd cutlets. Because this is very much healthy and also a delicious recipe to prepare at home. In addition to that, you can make bitter gourd curry and chips. Both are tasty and delicious recipes to prepare and eat.
What are the best recipes of the bitter gourd?There is a wide range of bitter gourd recipes all over the world. We can make the healthy and best bitter gourd recipes at home. In a simple way, bitter gourd juice and soup are the best recipes. Since these recipes provide large health benefits. There are sabzi items and also stuff items are available in bitter gourd. Thus, you can try all of the recipes in a simple way. You can obviously try the south Indian recipes like pavakka bajji, pavakka theeyal, and masala pavakka recipes simply at home.
What are some amazing dishes which can be made out of bitter gourd?Bitter gourd presents dozens of amazing dishes in tasty flavors. These are the unique recipes to make at home in a simple manner. First, the best bitter guard recipe is bitter guard pickles. Actually, this recipe has large health benefits and contains good compounds. Similarly, bitter gourd poori and bitter gourd sabzi are the amazing recipes. You can simply make this using fresh bitter gourds. Bengali style mixed vegetable curry and bitter gourd pachadi are the most amazing unique recipes made from bitter gourd.
What is the bitter gourd juice recipe for weight loss?In general, weight gain is the biggest problem all over the globe. People follow a lot of diet controls to lose weight. Moreover, bitter gourd is the best option for those people to lose weight. In fact, intaking bitter gourd daily will helps a lot in this. Therefore, make bitter gourd juice every morning. This needs a simple process of boiling the bitter gourds in the water. Actually, you can add ginger, mint leaves, pepper, and honey in this juice. This bitter gourd juice will surely help in weight loss.

11 Types of Bitter Gourd Recipes

1. Bitter Gourd Salan

Bitter Gourd Salan

Bitter gourd salad is a delicious and healthy recipe in Indian cuisine. This recipe uses regular curry making methods.

The usual ingredient like onion, tomato and chilly adds a special flavor. Moreover, masala powders give spicy taste to this recipe.

In fact, you can simply make this recipe using a pressure cooker. This will be the best mouth-watering recipe to eat.

Bitter gourd salan contains a good source of healthy nutrients. Try this recipe and serve this with hot meals or chapathi.

2. Karela Recipe

Karela Recipe

Karela recipe is the tasty and yummy bitter gourd stuff recipe. This recipe is the best option for making a healthy snack box.

Actually, the ingredients like paneer, coconut and poppy seeds are the main in this recipe. They are the stuff of this.

The paste of the above three ingredients inside the boiled bitter gourd will give the extraordinary flavor to this recipe.

Finally, the stuffed bitter guard fry will give the special yummy taste. Therefore, try this wonderful recipe simply at home.

3. Karela Sabzi

Karela Sabzi

Karela sabzi is the delicious and flavorful recipe in Indian cuisine. This recipe acquires only simple ingredients.

The usual ingredients like onion and tomato give original flavor. Similarly, regular spices give a special flavor.

In addition to that, chana dal is the special ingredient for this recipe. This adds the thick texture to this recipe.

Karela sabzi is the best option for meals as well as chapati or roti. Give a try to this awesome recipe at home.

4. Bitter Gourd Fry

Bitter Gourd Fru

Bitter gourd fry is the crunchy and yummy recipe. This is easy to make a bitter gourd recipe to prepare at home.

First, the well-boiled bitter gourds give little bitter taste only. So, this recipe will be the best option to give kids.

Additionally, chana dal in this recipe gives thick texture. This adds extra special flavor with turmeric powder and salt.

The usual ingredients like red chilly, garlic and black grams add flavors. So, give a try to this easy recipe in the evenings.

5. Bitter gourd curry

Bitter Gourd Curry

Bitter gourd curry is a healthy and delicious curry recipe. This contains a lot of veggies in addition to bitter gourd.

They are potato, pumpkin, and brinjal. Hence, this will be the most healthy recipe with a high source of nutrients and taste.

Besides that, this recipe contains kalonji seeds which are ver healthy nutrients that give weight loss as well as skin prevention.

Finally, try this bitter gourd curry which is the best combo with tiffin items in breakfast and best with meals in lunch items.

6. Karela Fry

Karela Fry

Karela fry is the yummy and crunchy bitter gourd fry recipe. In fact, the preparation of this recipe will be very easy at home.

Frying the bitter gourds in the medium flame will give a better taste to the recipe. The spice will add an extra special taste to the recipe.

The special ingredient of this recipe is coconut powder. Actually, this will give the crispy and sweet taste to this awesome recipe.

Finally, jaggery will be the best flavor that gives the best flavor. Give a try to this bitter gourd fry recipe easily at home.

7. Bharwa Karela

Bharwa Karela

Bharwa karela is the tasty and healthy bitter gourd stuff recipe. Usually, this is a grill base bitter gourd recipe in nature.

Actually, this recipe uses mixed pickles as a special ingredient. Otherwise, it contains potato, onion, and garlic for flavors.

Mustard powder is the special ingredient for making the stuff. Moreover, this is the very easy bitter gourd recipe to make.

This bharwa karela is an oil-free bitter gourd recipe. Therefore, this will be a good bitter gourd dish for all age groups.

8. Karela Kumro Fry

Karela Kumro Fry

Karela kumro fry is the crispy and crunchy bitter gourd recipe. Hence, this is a very easy and delicious version of a bitter gourd recipe.

Actually this recipe contains two vegetables for getting the yummy flavor. They are yellow gourd and bottle gourd vegetables.

This recipe clearly requires usual frying methods. There is no need for taking nay extra special efforts to make this recipe.

Frying the vegetables in oil with green chilies gives a perfect taste. Give a try to this recipe for making side dishes to lunch.

9. Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd juice is healthy and easy to make a recipe at home. This bottle gourd juice will help in the weight gain issue.

Pattypan is the squash variety of the bottle gourd fruit. This is the main ingredient for making this bottle gourd juice recipe.

Therefore, make bottle gourd juice every morning. This needs a simple process of boiling the bottle gourds in the water.

Actually, you can add ginger, mint leaves, pepper, and honey in this juice. This bottle gourd juice will surely help in weight loss.

10. Titar dal Recipe

Titar Dal Recipe

Titar dar recipe is a kind of gravy recipe using moong dal. This titar dal recipe is very easy to make at home in less time.

Methi seed and methi leaf give a special taste to this recipe. Moong dal and bitter gourd mixture taste well in flavor.

In fact, this titar dal recipe is a very good option for diabetes. Since this contains a healthy source of energy compounds.

This recipe is a very good combo with potato slice fries and hot rice. Give a try to this amazing bitter gourd recipe.

11. Pavakkai Poriyal

Pavakkai poriyal is the simple and delicious recipe of south Indian cuisine. This bitter gourd recipe is easy to make.

In south India, every household prepares this recipe as a side dish. Since most of the sambar is with this pavakka poriyal side dish.

Making of this pavakka poriyal is very simple using tomato and onion. Therefore, the bitter gourd in fries will give the best taste.

Pavakka poriyal is very healthy and nutritious. Give a try to this awesome recipe as a side dish for sambar and rasam with meals.