15 Chicken Biryani Recipe | How To Cook Delicious Biryanis In Home?

Posted By : Myilraj , 25/03/2020

Find Out the Easy to Cook Biryani Recipe and Serve Your Family a Delicious Food Ever

Biryani recipe is a special dish find in every corner of India. This magnificent dish decorates multiple royal courts with its uniqueness.

The exact origin of Biryani is an unpredictable one. But various Islamic dynasties are offering this staple food in a different style.

A various blend of spices, veggies or meat and culinary process of Biryani is one of the perfect art for cooking right!

Biryani is not only a food but also a great impact on various cultures and traditions. The feast on India never completes without Biryani.

Mughals, Persians are the rulers who give their superior attention to food culture. Sultan's royal court was filled with a variety of dishes.

According to folklore queen Mumtaz asked her chef to prepare a special dish that contains nutrient balance and taste.

Then the royal cook prepared a unique cuisine with multiple vegetables, meats, and spices that are now a day renowned "Biryani".

Various regions of India greatly honor food hospitality. Now a day we found multiple biryani recipes in all over India.

Calcutta Biryani, Hyderabad Biryani, Arcot Biryani are the noticing Biryani dishes still now ruling the food world with its majestic taste.

However, the Biryani recipes and flavors change from region to region the love of Biryani still stable without any change.

People Also Ask

Could Someone Provide a Good Biryani Recipe?Biryani is the only food never needs any special introduction for it. Without any complexity, all can find multiple biryanis. The cooking process is very essential to bring the authentic taste. Whether it is a Dum biryani or Veg biryani cooking method is an essential one. For such foodies Enqyer Digital Marketing Company offers its Biryani portal, here you can find multiple Biryani dishes with unique flavors.
What is an Authentic Biryani Recipe?India is the "land of Spices" Cooking with the regular spices and adding the right quantity of ingredients is enough for the best Biryani. Selection of Rice to the accurate quantity of ginger, garlic, chilies until salt determines the authentic taste of your Biryani. 200 gms of chicken require 1.5 teaspoons of chili powder, garam masala, and turmeric powder and so on. Try your Biryani.
What is the Recipe for Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani?First of all, marinate the chicken with Yoghurt. Basmathi rice, Bay leaf, cloves, green cardamom, and other ingredients need to add with the quantity of single spoon. Just take the rice as a half-cooked then add all the basic ingredients with the right quantity. Finally, add the marinated chicken. Make all this cooking ingredient as a layer. Gently spread the layers with a mixture of Ghee and Saffron if you have.
What are the Best Recipes for Biryani?Awadhi Biryani is a half-cooked Biryani sealed with dough. The exact flavor comes after some time and it is renowned as the Dum flavor. Calcutta Biryani is suitable for rich to poor. The texture of Biryani can use Potato instead of meats for the poor. But still taste is dominating one. Ambur Biryani is the typical Tamilnadu Biryani that serves with brinjal masala, otherwise the addition of tangy lemon found in Dindigul Biryani.
How to Make Chicken Biryani?There are multiple types of chicken recipes are coming under this category. Some people cooking with curd marination. Other people simply add the Tomato and lemon for their tangy flavor. And some more people simply add mere chicken. Chicken totally depends on a lot of variety. To know more Biryani recipes we listed a lot of biryani. Just choose the best among the list.

17 Various Collection Of Chicken Recipes

To find the best biryani, try all these following recipes. Enqyer Digital Marketing Company's recipe portal fills with multi-variety.

It is the stable portal covers all-region and pinning with all state's signature dishes. Try all these variations and enjoy your pleasure eating.

1. Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani

Kachche Gosht ki Biryani

Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani or Hyderabad mutton biryani is a colorful dish enrich with multiple spices and delicate fragrance.

For a perfect meat gala, Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani is the ever-loving recipe that offers the taste as directly come from Mughal's kitchen.

For the lovers of mutton, the old and traditional biryani always the best feast for your hungry stomach.

Raw meat neatly covers with multiple flavors of rice and spice then still keep on under fire to get the authentic aroma.

2. White Chicken Biryani

White Chicken Biryani

Spicy colorful and tasty biryanis are common ones in every food corner of India. Do you know this White Chicken Biryani?

Most of the people answer is "No". Garam masala, Green chilly, Black pepper, green Cardamom are the easily available ingredients used in this dish.

However, the maintenance of spice is rich but even though it offers the elegant white flavor by ginger and garlic paste.

Are you getting tired of the routine Biryani? then here is your brand new white chicken Biryani to nourish your taste buds.

3. Shrimp Shahi Biryani

Shrimp Shahi Biryani

Enough spice marinated prawns are cooking along with the special biryani or basmati rice is known as the Shrimp Biryani Recipe.

Herbs, spices, basmati, and yogurt all equally offer the delicious taste to this protein contained prawn biryani.

Generally, as famous seafood, Prawn storing for many days. Washing it in vinegar before cooking is a good one.

In this shrimp biryani, the multiple styles of cooking from Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala and Mangalore styles are puzzle your choice.

Each of the flavors is predominantly unique. Try all them and share them with us.

4. Aloo Biryani

Aloo Biryani

Aloo dum biryani is a well-known veggie biryani in all regions of India. All these unique flavors justify apt taste.

We can find multiple vegetarian biryanis but this all biryani is rich in spiciness and unique aroma flavor.

However, multiple vegetables are decorating the typical vegetarian biryani, then what is the special of This Aloo Biryani?

Comparing to other veggies, Potato can easily absorb the flavors and masalas which are marinating for preparation.

To add the exotic color and multiple veggie outlook, we can add green peas, beans, onion, carrot and so on.

5. Star Beef biryani

Beef Biryani

Beef biryani is one of the favorable food recipes carries multiple medicinal benefits. For this many people using this meat in their dish.

While cooking beef, prepare the masala in a separate pan and meat cooking in another pan will ease your cooking.

If you are trying this for the first time, it will the right term for cooking. Sometimes, the blend of masala and meat will cause overcooking.

A combination of garam masala, onion, mint, and coriander leaves giving the fresh flavor to this biryani dish.

6. Bangalore Donne Biryani

Donne Biryani

As the name insists Donne biryani is the traditional biryani of Bengaluru serving in the small bowl made in dry banana leaves.

Apart from Biryani and other basmati rice, Seeraga samba is the base of rice offering the typical cultural touch to this dish.

This Donne biryani is one of the famous and signature dishes of Bengaluru easily prepared one with the available spices.

The mesmerizing aroma and traditional taste of this dish still loved by everyone. Now all the top restaurants and hotels in this city avail with this biryani.

7. Bengali Chicken Pulao

bengali Chicken Pulao

Most of the people consider, making biryani is one of the time consuming and lengthy process. We offer easy tricks to make this dish.

Kolkata chicken biryani is one of the most famous signature dishes in the long list of biryani varieties. It is the dish preparing with 1000 variants.

So, the imbalance of spices often gives a new and unique flavor to the overall dish. Awadhi style branching out with the flavor of Kolkata chicken biryani.

Boiled egg, Pure ghee is the final decorating element that adds richness to this native biryani.

8. Vaniyambadi Beef Biryani

Beef Biryani

The Northeast food of Tamilnadu is more famous for this Arcot biryani. The gravy base of the biryani offers distinctive texture.

The special brinjal curry named 'Dhalcha' with sour taste offering as the side dish for this Vaniyambadi biryani.

The usage of the spices in the biryani is a mild one. So, comparing to other biryani types it is totally suitable for all.

Otherwise, Raitha with the combination of curd with cucumber, carrot, onion, coriander leaves also collectively using in this royal nawab recipe.

9. Chicken Majboos

Chicken Majboos

Chicken Majboo has its origin from Persian gulf and still many Arabic states are decorate their meal with this Majboos.

It is the unique flavor famously called as "Arabian Biryani". Both rice and meat cooking together offer a unique taste.

Whatever the form of Biryani cooking and usage of spices the core taste solidly differs from country to country.

Chicken Majoboos is one of the famous Persian Biryani recipes, provides an ultimate taste for the biryani foodies. Try this unique version.

10. Bengali Home Made Chicken Biriyani

Chicken Biriyani

Biryani is the only dish comes with multiple forms. There are more variations of the dish that offer new dishes like Hyderabad Biryani, Arcot Biryani and so on.

In Kolkata biryani, there are too many variations are available. The home-based flavor of Bengali chicken is a very famous one.

The roasted masalas and chicken made a relish Biryani no matter where you are in India, you can enjoy more recipes in Enqyer.

Try this simple and tasty Bengali homemade chicken biryani in your home and serve this delicious dish to your family.

11. Kochi Style Mutton Dum Biryani

Mutton Dum Biryani

Fresh usage of masalas and a slight Kochi style offer you a drastic change in the usual Biryani carving.

Kochi style mutton biryani is a kind of dum biryani comes with an array of spices to offer a delicious taste.

The finest biryani meal can serve in any family gathering, dinners and obviously for Sunday meal.

Mutton biryani is sealing in the almost cooking stage and it is shifting to the steaming area to get the flavor.

12. Roasted Egg Pulao

Egg Pulao

Pulao is the fantastic food recipe that comes in the food treat of both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. But Egg pulao is a unique one.

Apart from the routine meat ingredient and recipes, trying this egg is a new and innovative one. All people will love this recipe.

The boiled egg is a protein enrich ingredient that plays its predominant role in this recipe instead of the Chicken and Mutton meat.

For a delicious Sunday treat without the regular Biryani, you can try this Egg pulao as an innovative change of cooking.

13. Meal Maker Capsi Biryani

Meal Maker Capsi Biryani

As a delicious Vegetarian biryani, Mushroom, multiple vegetables are commonly used to prepare this biryani meal.

To produce the touch of meat is certainly missing in this vegetable cooking. For them, the meal maker is the finest choice.

Similar to meat, meal makers can easily absorb the spices and offer a delicious tone to your cooking. Let's try this Meal Maker Biryani.

Soya chunks biryani, and meal maker biryani is a protein enrich recipe you can try this recipe directly from our Enqyer recipe portal.

14. Shaahi Kadai Chicken Biryani

Shaahi Kadi Chicken Biryani

Shaahi Kadai kitchen is one of the famous Mughlai chicken recipes often found as a signature recipe in Dhabas.

It is the spicy chicken recipe easily marinated with the basic spices of garlic, ginger and spicy masala with an hour.

As a conventional style of Mughlai cooking the top of the dish serving with the flavor of saffron aroma.

Now, this special grant Daba recipe easily found in our Enqyer recipe portal to try this brand new recipe for your happy meal.

15. Mint Leaves And Potato Rice Biriyani

Mint Leaves And Potato Rice Biryani

Mint leaves potato biryani is a classy vegetarian dish that offers the feel of exact meat biryani flavor in the Chettinad style of cooking.

Apart from the usual element in Biryani making, mint is a herb loaded with multiple health benefits. So, don't miss this recipe.

To add the richness to this biryani style adding paneer and curd are offers another style of Mughlai flavor to this dish.

For simple preparation, easily available spices are enough to complete the dish. Instead of meat, Potato is the central ingredient. Try it now!