17+ Super Refreshing Beverages Hot And Cold Beverage Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 30/03/2020

Refreshing and yummiest hot and cold beverage recipes

A beverage is basically a drink or a liquid that satisfies a thirsty throat. It makes us feel refreshed and stay active for a long time.

A beverage can be hot or cold as well as alcoholic or non alchoholic. Human body craves for liquids when it is dehydrated.

The beverages that we drink, hydrate our body and give us a fresh feeling.

Beverages are most needed for people all around the world in their day to day life.

It is a habit of people to take hot beverages along with the meals they take every time.

The habit is still followed by people across different parts of the world.

It is believed that drinking hot beverages along with the meals makes the food to get digested fast as well as it prevents the human body from many deadly diseases.

Taking hot beverages along with the food also helps in decreasing the cholesterol level. Tea, coffee, green tea, arabic coffee, are few examples for hot beverages.

On a sunny day, we feel tired and thirsty even if we drink lots of water. But taking a full glass of any cold beverage will satisfy the thirsty throat instantly.

Cold beverages are made with different fruits and vegetables and are very nutritious.

We can combine any fruits of our choice with some added syrups and nuts which makes the drink more healthy and tasty.

Fruit juices, vegetable juices, lassi and milkshakes are few examples of cold beverages.
Beverages also means alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol consumption is not recommended though it is drinken by people all around the world in smaller to larger quantities.

Alcohol made during ancient times had some medicinal properties too.

Even today people around many parts of the world drink wine daily to improve their immunity.

Wine, beer, and cocktails are some examples of alcoholic beverages.

17+ Easy Collection Of Beverage Recipes

1. Rose apple juice

rose apple juice

Rose apple juice, which is also known as paneer fruit, is rich in dietary fibre.

So this paneer fruit juice is very healthy and best for people who are expecting weight loss.

This is also good in treating diarrhea and digestion based diseases.

2. Watermelon juice

watermelon juice

No summer will be complete without watermelons.

The reddish pink fruit is very tasty and full of water and which helps in hydrating our body during hot summers.

The watermelon by itself can be made as a tasty juice but try this watermelon juice  with peppery twist for a more delicious taste.

3. Kesar badam milk

kesar badam milk

Yes! The name itself says it all. Expecting some royal taste at home on an exhaust day?

This kesar badam milk is the best option.

It can be done within a minimum time yet tastes so yummy.

he rich taste is all enough for a happy day.

4. Cardamom milk

cardamom milk

Cardamom has a fantastic aroma and so it is used in many desserts for a complete flavour and taste.

It is used in spicy non veg recipes as a main ingredient. So how nice it will taste if we use cardamom in milk.

Try this cardamom milk recipe to enjoy the real flavour of cardamom.

5. Apple cinnamon milkshake

apple cinnamom milkshake

Milkshakes are nutritious, time saver and the best for a cravy tooth.

Apples are rich in fibre, vitamin c and antioxidants, whereas cinnamon has numerous medical properties.

So the apple cinnamom milkshake has no compromise in taste as well as health.

6. Mango milk mocktail

mango milk mocktail

Mangoes are favourite for fruit lovers. Mangoes are rich in fibre and it's a seasonal fruit.

So if it's mango season, then we should enjoy it completely.

And mango milk mocktail is one of the best ways to enjoy the real taste of mango.

7. Strawberry milkshake

strawberry milkshake

Strawberries are rich in vitamin c, vitamin b9, manganese and potassium.

The fruit which is in the shape of heart is very good for heart health.

The fruit comes in different forms such as ice creams. Kulfi, juice, etc.,

But strawberry milkshakes are an excellent way for consuming the fruit.

8. Mango berry mocktail

mango berry moctail

When you have lots of ripened mangoes and no idea of what to do, then choose this mango berry mocktail recipe.

When the flavour of mangoes and berries gets mingled, it will taste wonderful.

And this recipe is specially for kids which will make them feel energetic.

9. Salted cucumber lassi

salted cucumber lassi

Lassi is a famous North Indian drink, but it is also popular in other parts of India.

There are different forms of lassy. Some tastes sweet whereas some tastes hot and salty.

This salted cucumber lassi has a combined taste of cumin, ginger and spices that are good for digestion.

10. Mango Lassi

mango lassi

Mango lassi is very tasty. It has a rich taste and is a good source of dietary fibre.

If you are a fan of sweet lassi, then mango lassi is the best choice.

It also has a cardamom flavour which is optional but that makes a perfect taste when added.

11. Bottle gourd juice

bottle gourd juice

Bottle gourd are rich in vitamins and iron. It is a watery vegetable and has a good amount of fibre.

The bottle gourd juice is very good for fitness lovers as it significantly helps in weight loss.

It also helps in hydrating skin and thus gives a fantastic glow if taken daily.

12. Radish juice

radish juice

Radish is rich in vitamins, iron and fibre.

It is a vegetable which is very much helpful in controlling sugar levels and also aids in weight loss.

Many of us don’t like the vegetable because of its smell.

Try this radish juice recipe to include the vegetable in your diet.

13. Coriander juice

coriander juice

Coriander leaves are used in most of the Indian recipes. They are very healthy and can be made as chutney.

It is also used in making pani for pani puri.

Coriander aids in an unbelievable weight loss level. Coriander juice is very tasty when lemon is added with it.

14. Tulsi juice

tulsi juice

Tulsi or basil leaves are grown in most of the Indian homes.

It is used in both orthodex recipes and even in modern recipes like pizza, pasta, etc.,

Tulsi juice is good for treating cough, colds in both adults and children and also it is an excellent medicine for diabetes.

15. Creamy muskmelon delight

musk melon

Muskmelon is one of the best hydrating fruits and also aids in weight loss.

It promotes hair growth and is a very good source of vitamins for children.

This creamy muskmelon delight is a combo of flavours and nuts which is very tasty as well as healthy.

16. Pomegranate kashaya

pomogranate kashaya

Pomegranate are rich in iron.

When it comes to eating pomegranate, we usually eat the seeds and throw away the peel.

But pomegranate peel has its own medicinal benefits when we make it into pomegranate peel kashaya.

17. Besan ki kheer

besan ki kheer

Kheer is a yummy sweet recipe which is loved by all of us.

Besan ki kheer is made during festival times at home. It is an easy recipe and can be made in a very short time.

When sudden guests arrive home, choose this recipe, because it is very tasty and easy to make.

18. Almond milk

almond milk

Almonds have a very good source of vitamin E.

It has a good fat source. Almonds are good for the eyes.

This almond milk or almond kheer can be given to children and pregnant women daily or on alternate days.

Dry fruits can be added as per your own requirements or choices.