11 Beetroot Recipes: Collection Of 12+ Best Dishes To Cook At Home

Posted By : Elavarsan , 27/03/2020

Find the 12+ best beetroot recipes that you can prepare with beetroot

Beetroot Recipes are a highly healthy dish which is rich in Betanin anti-oxidants. If you love beetroot, try these recipes today.

Beetroot is a colorful nutrient offers multiple benefits in the form of raw vegetable and combining with other veggies.

It is the veggie that carries a considerable amount of Carbohydrates, Protein and a high level of water content.

The posh of this vegetable is using to prepare various food varieties and even wine preparation so famous for its color.

Many of us not know that beetroot offers more nutrients while consuming as a raw vegetable than after boiling or cooking.

Moreover, deep purple color roots of beetroot veggies are ever- loving combination among the chefs and housewives

Consequently, compare with veggies these colorful vegetables offer the elegant combination to the whole dish.

Due to the possession pigment named betanin offer the effective color to this fresh veggie beetroot.

Deep red, purple and yellow color beetroot are available in the market but there are using only at a minimal level.

France, Germany, Turkey, and Russia are the leading exporter of Beetroot and they remain as the primary consumers too.

Not only these western countries but also many countries using this veggie in the form of salad and pickles.

Beetroot pickles are famous and most of the countries making this colorful pickle for their food consumption.

Folic acid and Vitamin -C addition is the ultimate cause to refer the veggie to maintain their optimal immunity level.

People Also Ask

What are some good beetroot recipes?Beetroot is the pigment veggie that offers a delicious color to our traditional dish. So, its usage is an indispensable one. Along with the combination of carrot the sweet and crunch tone using to prepare salads and side dishes. From pulaos to chutneys, desserts, soups, and pooris are made from this colorful beetroot vegetable. To ease your menu search we offer many exotic and local dishes for your easy homemade preparation.
Can you suggest some interesting dishes with beetroot?The eye-catching color and flexible with the ingredients like milk, cream and veggies offer various dishes from beetroot. Pulao, biryani is a famous dish we all are routinely preparing food dishes from beetroot in our home. Other than that, beetroot halwa, ice cream, and bread jam are the sweet and healthy homemade dishes that are preferable. Try this fresh homemade dishes at your home. It can offer more delicious taste than restaurant dishes.
What's the best way to cook beetroot?Beetroots are the healthy veggie comes with a considerable amount of Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, and folate. While preparing a raw beetroot juice, boiling, frying the red veggie offer delicious and healthy dishes to our lunch. Roasting, steaming, and boiling are the common cooking method of this veggie to get the authentic taste. Each one gives a unique variety. Beating along with eggs is the restaurant-style cooking to get the innovative color from the vegetable.
Which is your favorite Indian recipe of beetroot?From a healthy vibrant meal, there are plenty of Indian dishes that can easily prepare. Among them, Sabzi is a favourite one. This is the gluten-free easy making dish with the addition of ginger, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. The signature spiciness of India offers the unique taste and texture to this beetroot Sabzi dish. Mild spiciness, more and more collection of daily using herbs is undoubtedly a colorful combination to your dish.
What is the best method for preserving beetroot?While preserving the color veggies there are multiple processes and formats that are following in this food industry. Simple methods like left an inch in the head of the beetroot and storing the veggie will not lose its color. For fast and easy salad preparation the fresh vegetables are cut and fastly preserve at the refrigerator to maintain the color. However, the dried version of beetroot and making them as powder helps a lot to give the authentic color.

11 Spicy Collections Of Beetroot Recipes

1. Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot Halwa

Halwa is a well-known and very famous Indian dessert that can be made from various veggies and fruits.

Preparing the beetroot halwa is a simple and innovative cooking recipe for our home chefs.

Beetroot Halwa is a wonderful and home base sweet you can easily prepare at your home precisely.

Try this sweet with supplementary ingredients like Milk, Cardamom, Sugar, ghee and almonds. Try this dessert!

2. Chettinadu Beetroot Bonda

Beetroot Bonda

Chettinad Beetroot Bonda is a familiar and healthy evening snack item in South-India. Beetroot is the main dish using in this dish.

Bonda is a common snack and crispy item made from flour for a change this typical dish preparing with the beetroot stuff.

With the combination routing ingredients will offer the colorful and ever-loving taste to this snack.

For moms, who are seeking the opportunity to present the brand new dish try this recipe at your home.

3. Beetroot Kichadi

Beetroot Kichadi

Kichadi is the famous south-Indian staple and a regular dish prevails in the vegetarian meal feast.

This special beetroot kichadi is a special dish and commonly available dish in the state of Keala.

The shredded beetroot and adding with the garlic and black gram are the base of this dish.

To add the main support to this dish curd mixing in the middle of our cooking. Try this new version kichadi at your home.

4. Spicy Beetroot Pulao

Beetroot Rice

Today modern moms are taking too much care of their kids' immunity and health aspects.

Children are the so expert is avoiding the spices and some of the veggies from their regular breakfast.

Then how to offer healthy foods for our kids? While cooking grinding the spices and make them inseparable.

Pulaos and biryanis are tasty and occasional dishes for kids. So, present your healthy dish like this beetroot pulao.

5. Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad

Beetroot is one of the veggies contain numerous vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein.

To improve the blood flow and maintain the stamina beet root-like well package veggie needs to take daily.

In fact, Salad is one of the preferable dishes for everyone. For diet followers never ignore it as their intake.

Fitness freaks who seeking for the stable salad recipe they can try this beetroot salad as their part of the meal.

6. Beetroot Poriyal

Beetroot Poriyal

Beetroot Poriyal is one of the common dishes often found in the household of the south-Indian kitchen.

Commonly, the shredded coconut and dried red chilies are the common ingredients using for this recipe.

To offer the new flavor adding green peas with the colorful beetroot is the finest choice for your breakfast.

With the collection of spices, nuts and herbs offer the typical taste and flavor to this dish. Try this tangy poriyal.

7. Beetroot chutney

Beetroot Chutney

First of all, chutneys are the famous recipe can prepare from various collection of fruits and vegetables.

Besides, improve our cooking style and presenting the innovative cooking adding different tastes is an important one.

Are you getting tired of the routine chutney? truly this flavourful chutney to your cooking.

Primarily, the sweetness of the chutney easily captivates the children and they will really love it. prepare this chutney at your home.

8. Beetroot Rasam

Beetroot Rasam

In essence, beetroot is an excellent food source against cancer, inflammation and abnormal blood sugar levels.

Preparing the food often with the food ingredient of beetroot will purify our blood level and stays healthy.

Rasam is a favorable recipe mostly preparing for our easy digestion. Beetroot rasam is the new one.

Try this rasam at your home. It is the familiar Mangalore rasam preparation certainly new to your family members.

9. Beetroot Puri

Beetroot Puri

Puffy and puffy is one of the famous dishes in all over India. Made up of wheat offers fiber to our bodies.

Adding this beetroot along with wheat offering more health benefits and sweetness tone to our poori.

Just grind and juice the beetroot and it will directly be adding to the flour instead of regular water.

Especially, for the poori lover, it will be a good and mouth-watering treat. Try this new poori at your home.

10. Beetroot Curry

Beetroot Curry

The spicy and masala mix vegetarian more famous in India as equal to the nonvegetarian curries.

Beetroot is an excellent source of veggie along with multiple antioxidants and pigments to taste.

Pumpkin is a veggie totally carries vitamin A and other potential ingredients to your tasty meal.

This veggie curry is a super and new dish suitable for all. Housewives can try this new recipe at your home.

11. Beetroot Gravy

Beetroot Gravy

Gravies are the delicious and mouth-watering juicy texture, a suitable side dish to rice and chapatis.

There are multiple spices, seeds and herbs are adding to get the flavourful beetroot gravy.

The spicy and juicy gravy is loved by all. Try this nutrient vegetable gravy to your breakfast.

Boot root consumption offers multiple benefits to your health. So, add this healthy veggie to your regular breakfast.